This post has links to book reviews for teachers professional development, leisure reading, and books for parenting/caring for children. Some links are to informational posts about events with an educational focus. A few are to educational videos posts, apps, or school visits. A few are guest post on The New Book Review.

Teacher and Parent Book Reviews List and Links

pg12_letter_aBook-by-Lance-JohnsonReview of What Foreigners Need To Know About America From A To ZAR School Magic Multi-Language App and Cards
pg12_letter_bback to school means paperworkBack to School Means Paperwork Informational Postpick and draw bookThe Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities by Rich Davis
pg12_letter_ccan you trust published worksheetsCan You Really Trust Worksheets in All Published Workbooks?commonly confusedCommonly Confused Words
Crazy-Rich-Asians-book-and-movie-discussion-questions-freeCrazy Rich Asians Discussion Guides for Book and Movie Free

Death by WallstreetDeath by Wall Street: Rampage of the Bulls Book


Dining Our Around the Solar System Book One of Four in the Series by Clare O’Beara

Dining-out-with-the-gas-giants-book-2Dining Out with the Gas Giants Book 2 in the Dining Out Around the Solar System Seriesdining-out-around-the-solar-system-book-3-by-Clare-O-BearaDining Out with the Gas Giants by Clare O’Beara, 3rd in the Dining Out Around the Solar System Series
mercury-book-4-c-o-bDining Out on Planet Mercury, Book 4 of 4 in the Series

eight-top-travel-tips-by-I-ReidEight Top Travel Tips for Any Trip by I-Reid


 End Game: Irrational Acts, Tragic Consequences by Theodore Jerome Cohen

most troublesome English usage hang upEnglish Grammar: What Is Your Most Troublesome Usage Hang-up?
pg12_letter_ftips to block hackers informationFour Tips to Lock Out Hackers


Guest post on the New Book Review Blog with free discussion questions for this book

Good Afternoon Vietnam

Good Afternoon Vietnam BookReview and Free Guide

grammar workbooksGrammar Workbooks by Charlene Tessgraphics organizers for readingGraphic Organizers for Reading Book by Laura Candler
making back to school a breezeGuide for Making Back to School a Breeze
pg12_letter_hHappy MommyThe Happy Mommy Handbook by Susan CaseMotivational short video for teachersHere is to You, Teachers (short video)
how to thinkHow to Think by Allan Jacobs
pg12_letter_jjewel jarJewel Reward Jar and Alphabet Fun Free PDF
pg12_letter_kMontessori KHTKHT 12 Month Course Review (Montessori)Kindergarten Susan Case Kindergarten: Tattle-Tales, Tools, Tactics, Triumphs and Tasty Treats for Teachers and Parents by Susan Case
pg12_letter_mMiniapple Miniapple International Montessori School VisitMinnesota Blogger ConferenceMN Bloggers Convention
clip on microscopeMini MicroscopesMom for the holidaysMom for the Holidays: Stories of Love, Laughter & Tantrums at Christmas & Hanukkah
Montessori at Home or School: How to Teach Grace and Courtesy

Montessori at Home or School:  How to Teach Grace and Courtesy

Montessori crash courseMontessori Crash Course has Valuable Learning
pg12_letter_nNational Geographic Puzzle ExplorerNational Geographic Puzzle Explorer App ReviewNell appNell Educational App for Letters and Sounds, Review

open dyslexic fontOpenDyslexic Font for ElectronicDevices and Kindle

Orphan Train GirlOrphan Train Girl by Christina Baker Kline
pg12_letter_pPinterest for BusinessPinterest for Business by Leland Book
pint sized perfectionistPint-Sized Perfectionists Carry a Painful Burden
Pinterest Savvy by Melissa Taylor Book Reviewtheater inside Minnesota State CapitolPost about a play inside the Minnesota State Capitol
project based homeschoolingProject-Based Homeschooling by L. M. Pickert
pg12_letter_qclasses-at-quilted-treasures-rogers-mnQuilting Classes in Rogers, MN at Quilted Treasures
pg12_letter_rRed cross to the clotRed Cross Training for Adults


Small HandsSmall Hands Creating Hope Project for the American Cancer Societybabies sleepSmart Moves by Dr. Hannaford,

Post One

Smart MovesSmart Moves by Dr. Hannaford, 

Post Two

Stolen Laughter by Charlene TessStolen Laughter by Tess Thompson

Midwest Book Review by Carolyn Oct. 2019

Teaching ResourcesTeaching Resources by Laura Candler
pg12_letter_winflated language aheadWarning! Inflated Language Aheadwhy do people homeschoolWhy People Homeschool, a Study
pg12_letter_yYour Child's First TeacherYou Are Your Child’s First Teacher

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