Inexpensive Montessori color tablets for matching colors and learning about color gradients are fairly easy to make. I recently made some and this is what I did. Of course, these are just color cards and would fit in many traditional art classes, as well. I learned about the 3 sets of color cards, matching, and learning about color gradients in my KHT Montessori class recently.

First, I ordered a 40 color Origami paper pack. It came with 120 pieces of paper although it didn’t seem like there were 3 of each color. However, there was at least one of each of the 40 colors. This was inexpensive and also easy to use as the paper is thin. *Note: I am providing Amazon non-affiliate links as it was difficult to find less expensive paper. 

I also ordered a pack of empty plastic embroidery bobbins. Then I waited for both items to arrive. *Non-affiliate links.
40 Color Origami – 120 Sheets
One Box of 50 Plastic Bobbins Floss

DIY Montessori Color Tablets

When the paper arrived, I had to sort it out and find one of each color. This was the only drawback compared to more expensive paper packs as it took some time. Then I cut a little less than one inch strip off each piece of paper so it would fit the bobbin centers exactly. Such a deal, I still had 80 pieces of Origami paper for another project, as well as 40 rectangle shaped pieces of paper left over.

prepare materials by selecting paper color and having bobbins ready

I wrapped the full length of paper around the bobbin, and then tapped over the color strip with clear tape. This will make the tablets more durable.


Finally, the project was complete and ready for use. Although there are the basic colors, they may not be the true colors that might be desired. These were fine for my purposes. I did made two of each of the basic colors for color matching activities. And with so many supplies left over I can easily make more if inspired by some lesson I want to teach.

color tablets

Free Printable

I did make a free printable with color families although it is far from professional. The color strips will also work with the plastic bobbins used above.

diy-montessori-color-tablets PDF, opens here


I hope this helps a few people. Thank you for reading, Carolyn