Fairy Theme 3-part Initial Sounds Alphabet Cards

Fairy-Houses-by-Tracy-KaneEastman Nature Center in the Three Rivers Park District recently held a fairy theme story time and activity class. We attended and enjoyed the story so much. The book the naturalist read was Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane. The little girl looks through the forest to see if she can find fairies, thereby naming familiar creatures. By the end of the story, there is a nature surprise. The book inspired the children to make their own fairy houses to take home and encourage fairies to live in them.

First, everyone was given a shallow planter to help carry any non-living forest objects. We had to be careful to not pick any live flowers or leaves, of course. The book actually gave some pointers about how to gather items for the fairies. First, we headed off into the woods. What would we find? heading towards the wood to gather materials Look! Twigs and leaves were easily found.


A feather was a special find! oh look a feather fairy-house-building-class-at-Eastman-Nature-Center-2017Adding dirt and found forest items were then carefully arranged. So you think the fairies could fit inside the spaces in the creation? Everyone worked hard. Each house was creative and unique.

fairy-house-building-class-at-Eastman-Nature-Center-2017 (12)

The different items such as acorns and milk weed pods provided by the naturalist made this activity so interesting.

fairy-house-building-class-at-Eastman-Nature-Center-2017 (14)

Part of the class time was spent observing the trumpeter swan family and the cygnets. They were so beautiful!

Of course, I had to make a free PDF for the blog readers. So I thought of a fairy alphabet (kinda a stretch for a few of the letters, naturally). I hope these will inspired some young fairy loving emergent readers to learn a new sound or word or two.

3-part-cards-fairy-alphabet (free instant download here)fairy-theme-3-part-cards-alphabet-initial-sounds freebie

We hope you can visit a nature center near your house soon!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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