My Visit to the Dinosaurs

by Aliki, author and illustrator

My Visit to the Dinosaurs

This post has a short book review and a free printable for My Visit to the Dinosaurs by Aliki. Do you have a young paleontologist at your house or class?  Almost all children like dinosaurs and fossils at some point in their young lives and some children become fascinated for years on end.  Your library may need as many dinosaur books as possible!  This book, My Visit to the Dinosaurs, is a multi-genre realistic fiction and nonfiction book so children are entertained while listening to this educational story.  It is about a father, son, and daughter visiting a museum full of dinosaur bones.  Aliki is the author and illustrator, and so much is conveyed through the simple drawings.  I imagine I can tell what each child is feeling by looking at all the tiny children in the pictures as so much is revealed in the pictures.  The “play within a play” is to follow the daughter’s facial expressions, and how she clings to her father holding his hand throughout the entire story.  She is scared of the dinosaurs but reassured by the fact they are no longer living.  That’s why dinosaurs are so appealing to children, they are long gone and allow children to feel brave when talking about them.

Dinosaur Matching Cards And Coloring Page

Dinosaur matching cards are fun for children learning the vocabulary and yet are not able to read the words. This free printable also has coloring pages in the PDF.


Dinosaur Matching Cards

My Visit to the Dinosaurs work and color pages, answer key, FREE PDF

Because children often like pronouncing the big words associated with dinosaurs, my FREE PDF work page is a spelling activity.  Free Dinosaur missing letters work page and answer key Happy reading, Carolyn