This post has information to help you make your own 3-part cards as well as some templates. The trick to making them yourself is to use a table and then merge some of the cells. So, begin with a table 2-columns by 8-rows. This may be done in many programs such as Word, Power Point, and Publisher. If Power Point is used, it is best to set the page size to 8.5″ X 11″ which I will show later in this post.

DIY Montessori 3-Part Cards – How To

Here is my video of how to make 3-part cards yourself. Templates are included in this post.

First, make a basic table.

If using Power Point, the fill may need to be set to none, and the text should be changed to black. insert-a-table-2-columns-by-8-rows-to-begin-making-3-part-cards

The next step involves merging cells. See the pictures below to see which cells to merge. This requires 4 steps so that there will be 4 cards. The colors are just to help see the 4 separate cards and which cells to merge. By merging different groups of cells, the cards can be made according to what is needed.

merge-the-top-3-cells-in-each-card-for-4-cards    merge cells to form 2 sets of 2 cards

The final table will look like either of these. Look familiar? Then select all, center, and select the font and size while everything is still highlighted.

final-table-will-look-like-this    or-your-may-prefer-a-table-that-looks-like-this

Resizing For A Power Point

Also, I said I would show resizing for Power Point. Here is what to do. Select design on the top menu, then find slide size on the far right, click, then click on custom slide, and a pop-up box will allow the size of the slide to be changed. If you are printing on 8.5″ X 11″ paper, change to those dimensions. I select portrait for 3-part cards. Be sure to select ensure fit.


When you make a table in Power Point, you will have to select all, select no fill color, and then choose to show all borders. The first table that comes up will be shades of blue. The words and borders will be white, so select all again and choose black text and borders.

Here is a Word Doc template you can edit and change to fit your teaching needs. I personally do not like Word and it is a last resort but some people might like it.


Here is an editable PDF but only the words are editable. If you want to find, cut, and paste your own photos in the spaces for images, this would work for home or a very few teaching situations.  Power-Point-slides-letter-size-with-3-part-cards-tabletemplate-for-3-part-cards Finally, here is a Power Point slide with the table already made and the slide resized.



Thank you for reading, Carolyn