Linear Calendar 2022 Printable PDF Freebie ready for use in the Montessori or Elementary classroom to help children visualize the length of a school year. Often, children count how many more days or “sleeps” until a special event in the near future. That doesn’t tell the whole story. “When is my birthday?” an impatient child might ask and so by pointing down the line of calendar months and days, it is easy to see if it is far away. Calendars like this may help children be more patient. Click on the next link for your free instant download PDF.



At first, if children are not familiar with linear calendars, it might appear a year is not so long. But as only a few days pass, it will become apparent that a single day can be a long time to a child.  This type of calendar is more concrete for children and makes the days, weeks, and months more understandable. The days could be counted to special events even if 100 or more days away, as the counting practice is always good. Looking at one month at a time makes the months seem discrete, and a linear calendar ties the year together. Sometimes the children will be delighted to see some event is only four days away, and others that require more counting will see very far away.

At some stage, children realize looking back seems faster than looking ahead. For instance, if a child had a party last weekend it may seem close and that the time before the event went quickly. But looking ahead to something, time may seem slow or insurmountable (in the case of a very special day that is approaching). Advent calendars abound during December, as counting helps the children realize that although people are preparing, cleaning, shopping, and perhaps even wrapping, the special day may not be happening very soon. Calendars and counting days are some of the ways teachers and parents can deal with constant questions.

Weekend days may be highlighted one color, holidays highlighted a different color, and so on, depending on your teaching situation.

Now, we need a linear road trip counting device for the many times children ask, “Are we there yet?” on a trip. Hmmm!

For children, time is abstract. To help them understand different types of time, I have also written this blog post with a free printable.

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There is a circular calendar explained at this blog post, as well.

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