Eidem Homestead Visit and Free 3-Part Farm Cards

Farm fun! This post is about an Eidem Homestead visit and also has free 3-part farm cards. Eidem Homestead is in Brooklyn Park, MN, and is operated by the city. It has ten acres and represents farms from about 1890 through 1910. Our visit included touring the Victorian house, visiting the barn which has animals and farm equipment, and seeing several outbuildings.We visited on a living farm day which meant the volunteers were dressed in period clothing.

Eidem Homestead Visit and Free 3-Part Farm Cards

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We began our visit at the Victorian house. Eidem Farm actually has story time on the porch, and for the evening sessions pajamas are encouraged. This picture is of the side porch, and there is also a larger front porch.

Farm-Homestead Victorian HouseInside we saw several rooms and interesting furnishings. Here is the ice-box refrigerator in use. ice boxAnd on the other side, the ice block may be viewed.

ice block in ice-houseThe kitchen had wooden furniture from the turn of the 20th century.


Look at that stove! The wood is chopped ready for baking. They actually do bake treats in the oven today.

stove in kitchen at the farm

The rest of the house was also authentically furnished. There were additional rooms, and visitors may also go upstairs.rooms in the Victorian house at Eidem Farm

The spinning wheel was set up and ready for use.

spinning wheel

In the barn we not only saw animals, but farm equipment from the period. My husband remembered his grandparents used to have a similar cream separator on their porch. The kind volunteers explained how every portion of corn was used, including the cobs. They named and pointed out the different equipment that helped with corn preparation for silage and animal feed. Some of the equipment is roped off for safety reasons, but on much of the farm touching is allowed.
turn of the 20th century farm equipmentThe children who were there especially liked helping pump water and using tin buckets to pour it on the gardens. One little boy did not want to go home as he found it was so fun to water the flowers. hand pump

This picture shows the inside of the barn.

inside barn

This is one of the outbuildings, and when you are inside it is obvious that it was once a one room schoolhouse.


The working wind mill was very fun to see up close.

the windmillI hope you and your students or children will be able to visit a farm, or that you already have.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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