Pinterest Savvy by Melissa Taylor Book Review

Pinterest Savvy is a book I read about a year ago, and an update has just been released. Please understand, I am not being compensated for this review and I buy the books I review on this blog. Melissa writes the Imagination Soup blog if you haven’t seen that as yet.

pinterest-savvy-book-cover-by-Melissa-TaylorAs an eternal student, I love learning.  I take classes online from UDEMY and even on Facebook.  Yes, Facebook. I belonged to a former group called Pinterest Savvy Rockstars on Facebook.  I paid the class fees to participate in these groups.  So, obviously, Pinterest Savvy Rockstars was led by Melissa Taylor, author of Pinterest Savvy.  I have also taken classes on topics like SEO and Photoshop on UDEMY, as I hope to improve my blog.

By reading Pinterest Savvy, I learned how to make Pinterest boards, what type of boards are best, how to focus the boards, how to re-pin, and how to avoid spam on Pinterest.  I learned about using hashtags, too, do not use them on Pinterest!  I just read the newly revised book, and learned what Rich Pins are and how to get them.  I had heard the term but I didn’t understand what they were. The rules for Pinterest have changed, and Melissa explains the rules in a way I can understand. The book covers everything from beginning on Pinterest to advanced uses. There are links to examples of what is being discussed, which are visual and reinforce the learning.  If you are interested in Pinterest, I highly recommend this book. In the Facebook class, I am starting to figure out how to make my pins better (I have so many to re-do) and enjoyed the discussion in the former group.  We saw examples of each other’s pins and learned how to improve our work.

That’s all today, a tip about an eBook!

Thanks for reading, Carolyn