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Pack One Word Solving and Reading Comprehension Strategies

A to Z sports word walls, anyone? It will soon be time for writing workshop and themed word walls are always nice to have on hand.

A to Z Sports Word Wall

Construction vehicles names, as it is beneficial for children to be able to name and know what the big machines do. We all like to understand our world.

Construction Vehicle Names and Information
first-grade-ladybugs -40-page-writing-math-freebie

First Grade Ladybugs 40 page work pack

First Grade Ladybugs 40 Page Pack

The editable workshop rubrics version is in our free eMembers area. It has blue boxes on the PDF in which teachers can write their own criteria or standards.

Free Editable Generic Rubrics

The Mitten is an old Ukrainian folk tale. The school library should have copies of different versions of the book to compare and contrast.

The Mitten Work Pages

Oliver and Amanda’s Christmas Book Companion

Oliver and Amanda’s Christmas Book Companion
Sh and Th Printable ISNs and Read the Room free eMembers

Sh and Th Printable ISNs and Read the Room – Digraphs are usually taught after all the letter and vowel sounds.

sh and th – beginning and ending digraphs

There is a short i and long i milk caps (or card stock circles). These are activities for small group reading time, or for the literacy center.

Short i and Long i

There is a short u and long u milk caps (or card stock circles). These are activities for small group reading time, or for the literacy center.

Short u and Long u
Classroom Theme: Owls

Full year of calendar pieces for morning circle or math time.

Full Year Calendar Pieces

Three before me is a “rule” many teachers use to help keep the classroom running smoothly. Of course, this means children ask each other which creates some talking in the classroom. And it is not used in the event of emergencies.

Three Before Me

“Paws” here spots in two sizes work for both floor (lining up the children) and for guided reading table and other spaces. Children will need to be reminded not to make animal sounds though.

Three Before Me
Bear Theme Free eMember Downloads
A to Z Bear Theme Word Wall
A to Z Word Wall Bear Theme
Antler Bear Canoe A to Z freebie
A to Z Printable
Bear Desk Topper Name Plates
Bear Theme Desk Toppers
Bear Theme Days of Weeks and Months of Year
Days of Weeks – Months of Year
Bear Theme Exercises and Blank Chatterbox Foldables
Bear Theme Chatterboxes
Bear Theme number Posters
Bear 3-part Cards
Bear Writing Frames
Going on a Bear Hunt PowerPoint
Going On a Bear Hunt
Little Bear Writing
Polar Bear Fiction Writing
Polar Bear Story Writing
Welcome Back Lettering
Montessori Free eMember Downloads
DIY Cut and Trace to Make Tactile Alphabet Letters

DIY Cut and Trace to Make Tactile Alphabet Letters

Alphabet Cut and Trace Tactile Letters
French and English 3-part Body Cards
Body 3-part Cards French and English
Butterfly 2 Activities

Familiar Machines Category Cards

Familiar Machines Category Cards
Graphing Horse Colors
Greater Than, Less Than Math Activity
> and < Math Activity
Moveable ABCs and 123s
Ocean Animals 3-part Cards Free 3-Part Cards PDF
Ocean Animals 3-Part Cards
Sea Turtles 3-Part Cards
Shells Skip Counting and 3-part Cards
Writing for Elementary in the free eMember area

About the author pages are to be filled out by the writers for publishing writing pieces. Four vocabulary pages are included which could be added to student writing folders or binders.

About the Author Fill-in-the-blank Pages

35 adventure writing pages with differentiation — set one requires little writing for emergent writers, set two has more space for writing and drawing, with differentiation.

Adventure Writing Frames with Differentation
beaver narrative and expository text writing

Beaver Writing Frames (blog post) Free 25 page PDF with story and simple research writing frames which opens in our free eMember area. A different free PDF opens at the blog post.

Beaver Writing Frames
Dolphin Writing Frames

Dolphin Writing Frames (blog post)  fiction/nonfiction (narrative/expository) – rubrics are included for teachers and homeschools.

Dolphin Writing Frames
Echidna Writing Frames

Echidna Writing Frames with differentiation for beginning animal research as well as story writing. Rubrics included for teachers and homeschools.

Echidna Writing Frames
Emu, Koala, and Kangaroo Writing Frames

Emu, Koala, and Kangaroo (blog post) writing frames with both narrative and expository illustrated writing pages, as well as rubrics for students and teachers.

Emu, Koala, and Kangaroo
Generic Animal Research and Story Writing Printable

Generic animal writing (blog post) for beginning research and also story writing. Teachers may assign students different animals once the process has been practiced with specific animals.

Generic Animal PDF

Kindergarten writing pages decorated with seasons and holidays to help through the year writing centers.  There are blank pages as well.

Kindergarten Writing School Year

Kindergarten writing frames to engage kindergartners who enjoy outer space are available in our free eMembers area. Then log in and find this download on the free downloads page.

Kindergarten Space Writing

Free grade 2 word wall printable.  This PDF opens in our free eMember area.  It is intended to accompany writing workshop or class writing time and could be added to the writing binder.

Grade Two Word Wall Free PDF

Letter writing to family and friends is a good second-grade lesson. The free printable is in our free Amember area. The templates are for friendly letters (as in not business letters) and could be part of shared research.

Letter Writing Project

Letter writing to family and friends is a good second-grade lesson. The free printable is in our free Amember area. The templates are for friendly letters (as in not business letters) and could be part of shared research.

Letter Writing Project
Lion Writing frames

Lion Writing Frames (blog post)  full story writing, quick writes, or writing/drawing, or basic research. Rubrics just for story writing are included in the PDF.

Lion Writing Frames

Rain and Stormy Weather Writing Frames – This printable is in our free eMembers area.

Rain and Stormy Weather Writing

Free Educational and Writing Penguin Printable –The writing printable pages include pocket chart cards, writing frames, and a coloring page.

Penguin theme writing freebie

Penguin Theme Letter Writing Frames Freebie — Links to several penguin theme free printables and a YouTube video.

Penguin Theme Letter Writing

Picture Writing Prompts for quick writes, fast finishers, differentiation, or for adding to writing binders for when a short lesson is needed.

Picture Writing Prompts
Platypus Writing Frames

Platypus expository and narrative writing frames for research or story writing. Did you know males have a spur, connected to a venom-secreting gland, on each hind foot?

Platypus theme writing freebie

Polar Bear Free Writing Frames (blog post)  Free 18 page printable with narrative and expository writing frames for class projects about polar bears.

Polar Bear Writing
Red Panda Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Frames Free

Red Panda Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Frames Free (blog post)  with pages to help children write a short report or a story.

Red Panda Writing

Students write about a shape they would like to be and why. 10 page PDF freebie

The Sad Shape Story Frame

Snow Stories and Story Map Pre-writing page- This printable is in our free eMembers area.

Snow Stories and Story Map

Wolf writing frames (blog post)  with fiction and nonfiction writing pages for children.

Wolf Writing Frames
Individual Sports Word Wall

Sports Word Wall for Students A to Z (in our free eMember area)

Sports Word Wall A to Z
Adjective Gameboard

Black and White Christmas Jingo — blog post with information about the game

Black and White Printing Jingo
Jingo color printing
Christmas Bingo (color printing)
Color Printing Jingo
Grade 2 and up Christmas Bingo
Fall Harvest (not holiday) Bingo
Gentle Halloween Bingo
Japan Symbols Bingo

Minnesota Bingo (blog post)

Minnesota Bingo
Peace (shh) Bingo
Valentine Bingo B/W Printing
Valentine Color Printing Bingo

Full-year of calendar pieces for your pocket chart or bulletin board

Calendar Pieces Full Year

Free 50 page PDF about dice addition, games, activities. Opens in our free eMember area, free to join.

Dice Addition 50 page PDF

Free end of Year SMART Board Math Review (interactive slides, no student PDF)

End of Grade One SMART board Review

Free fall and spring grade 1 math test PDF to give to students to show progress during the school year.  Answer key provided.

Fall and Spring Gr. 1 Math Test

Fibonacci Sequence Nature Letter Size Posters (blog post)  Pointing out nature items that demonstrate the numbers can help children make a connection between math and real life.

Fibonacci Sequence

Four times multiplication math center for students working on their 4X is available in our free eMember area. Read the blog post at this link. 

4 X Multiplication Center

Ordinal Numbers (blog post) 28 page PDF

Ordinal Numbers 28 page PDF

Numbers have many names and this matching game helps students understand this idea.

March Number Name Game

Nine Times Magic Trick – blog post here

Nine Times Magic Trick

Missing Addend Addition for Grade 1, Free, 28 page PDF, pocket activity cards

Number Names Match 1-20 Game

Number Charts to 120 (no blog post) just the PDF on the free eMember Page

Number Charts to 120

The outer space math missing addends PDF is in the free eMember area.

Outer Space Missing Addends

Pattern Fish, Pattern Math, free 47 page PDF for A, B, C, and D patterns, art idea and activities in the free eMember area — read more at the blog post.

Pattern Fish, Pattern Math

Puppy Puzzles Skip Counting by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 with two pages for each in our free eMember area.

Range, Median, Mode PPTX Smart Board, PDF

Free Range, Median, Mode PowerPoint, with student PDF, SMARTboard lesson, with student PDF, both files are in our free eMember

Range, Median, Mode PPTX Smart Board, PDF

K-1 Math CCSS Spring Theme PDF Free

40 PAGE FREE PDF, SPRING FOR MATH, available in our free eMember area

Spring for Math K-1 with CCSS

Roll-a-Bunny 3-addend game, a similar egg roll game, and counting clip cards from 10 to 20, for free eMembers.

Spring 3-Addend Activity
Sudoku Set Printable

Try Sudoku with your students with this free download.

Sudoku Set Printable

A math measuring story with fraction work pages free! Have you seen the Wise Owl Factory story, Super Spoons to the Rescue?

Super Spoon Fraction Activities

Valentine theme count backwards on a number line.

Valentine Counting Backwards on a Number Line PPT

What’s Next? Cut and Paste activity.

What’s Next? Cut and Paste Activity

A math measuring story with fraction work pages free! Have you seen the Wise Owl Factory story, Super Spoons to the Rescue?

Winter Counting on a Number Line


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