Free Printable Patriotic Art Roller Coaster Ride

Otherwise known as take fireworks on a roller coaster ride! For Flag Day on June 14th and the 4th of July, here is an easy art project idea to help children celebrate the holidays.  By using strips of paper and taping or gluing them down so they look like a roller coaster or hills, stars and odds and ends may be added to give the effect of movement.  When the projects are finished, turn off the light, and shake a flashlight back and forth to make it appear the fireworks are flashing.  There are two options, one entirely made with construction paper, like this one:

Free Printable Patriotic Roller Coaster Ride

The children will cut out stars and stripes. They sometimes have trouble cutting symetrical stars, so those shapes become fireworks (making them good). By gluing down the stripes at different points while leaving part of the paper up like a hill, the roller coaster effect is created.

Or using the free printable for today’s post, a project like in the next image may be created. This is for the more emergent artist, while the more independent artist may prefer to cut and paste his or her own shapes and stripes.


So, choose which or mix and match the printable and construction paper ideas.


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