Hocus Pocus the movie from 1993 has become a “cult classic” after initially not doing very well. We recently watched Hocus Pocus 2, and as a teacher, what did I do, but write down vocabulary words from the film. No, not certain words. The word virgin is used quite a few times, and parents or teachers of young children who notice might want to say it means innocent. Slightly more aware children might be told it means a non-alcoholic mixed drink. Well, it might work for a while.

Many of the other words were worthy of this free word find and crossword puzzle download. I especially liked the word infer used in several ways, as that is one of the reading strategies we use in class. Of course, it means the author + me when reading and figuring out what an author is really saying. You might like the many free reading strategies products on this blog – see more information at this link.

The words aisle, apothecary, bewitched, binding contract, broomies, exiled, fluorescent, hocus, incantation, inference, Jello (they made it but didn’t name it for Winifred’s birthday),  legend, morsel, occult, pest, petulance, pivotal, pocus, potion, petulance, ravishing, spitballing, toote (de) suite, and vegan foods make for a fun set of vocabulary words for October.

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This is an image of the word find. As you can see, students may color the page when finished finding words.


This is an image of the crossword puzzle. These PDF pages could be used in a party as a race or just an activity.


The word bank will help with the crossword puzzle page.


All pages are shown on this image, except for the hand finished word find image.


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Do you need rubrics? They are wonderful for being observed by the principal or peer coach to help answer the question, “How will you evaluate this lesson?”

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Text to Text Connections with Knuffle Bunny and Going on a Bear Huntfree at the blog post.

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