Self-publishing? Are you interested in writing and selling books yourself? As a result of working with my husband’s senior writing group and helping him and several other members self-publish eBooks and paperbacks, I have learned enough to create a course on the subject. If you like learning and writing, you might like the course I made with everything I learned by helping other people self-publish. The sign-up for taking on this site is at this link.

self-publishing from the very, very beginning

Here is a sample lesson from the course. Did you know Word compresses images as you work, and each additional save reduces the image quality? I save so often that it is easy for me to ruin images in a document. By checking a box in the settings, image compression can be prevented. Whew! However, if images were added and saved without checking this box, it is best to delete and reinsert them over again. Amazon will let you know if your images are not high enough quality for printing, but by using this setting the manuscript could be accepted the first time.

Self-Publishing from the Very, Very Beginning Course

You might also like to see the informational blog post I wrote about my husband’s book, Good Afternoon Vietnam: A Civilian in the Vietnam War, at this link. I was the technical help to publish his book. There is a free secondary education curriculum guide at the post as well.

During the course, you will set up free accounts for selling books, learn how to create a free author page on Amazon, learn how to set up a free author page on Goodreads, understand why limited social media accounts can be helpful, understand more about social media sharing, and learn how to publish an eBook and a paperback. I provide handouts with additional information, links, and directions. Find out how to see the record of your sales and how much money you have earned. Get my own eBook and paperback manuscripts, and also learn how to copy/paste on them to create your own formatted documents.

The work I did to help some people in a writing group of senior citizens publish stories on blogs, eBooks, and paperbacks was all volunteer. I am a blogger and curriculum writer and have done self-publishing myself. The information I share in the lessons is what I learned while helping other people, and especially for beginners with this whole process. There are many other people sharing YouTube videos, blog posts, and classes to check out, as well. Because I figured out how self-publishing works as seen from the eyes of unpublished writers new to digital publishing, my course explains things from the very beginning.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

You might also like my free template, video, and step-by-step directions about creating a children’s picture book to publish on KDP Amazon.


How to Self-Publish a Children’s Paperback with Word

 At this post, a template to edit to create your own book, free, step-by-step directions, and a video will help you easily produce a simple 8.5″ X 8.5″ paperback. This post is for would-be authors who would like a more simple method to get started.

Ethical Free Reviews for Authors from The New Book Review

Authors may have book reviews placed on the New Review Site for free by following the directions.  Also, authors may get ethical free reviews by contacting Lois W. Stern on the same site and following her directions. Contact me for your Twitter and Pinterest banners.


These are just some of the books I self-published or helped others self-publish using the templates included in the self-publishing course.


Self-publishing? Are you interested in writing and selling books yourself? If you like learning and writing, you might like the course I made with everything I learned helping other people self-publish.


Review by Castle View —  Carolyn Wilhelm recorded every step she went through while she was self-publishing her books and has created a course for others who want to know what’s involved, step by step for Self-Publishing from the Very, Very Beginning.

Each of these main sections has several subsections that go into easy-to-understand detail. Carolyn shows you what to do right on the screen so you have the option to split-screen your own screen and follow along as you watch the lessons.


Watch the video and to see Tristan and Kalli read one of Carolyn’s self-published books aloud, Alex Asks About Auntie’s Airplane Day.

Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources

Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources

Self-Publishing and Self-Marketing Resources — would you like to write a book and publish it yourself? If so, then read this post with links to free resources and the Wise Owl Factory course.


Gary Roen is a nationally syndicated book critic and offers free book reviews if you follow all his directions which are at this link.