FREE Printable Sign Sets for When I Grow Up Pictures

Previously, I had written a post to accompany Julia Dweck’s book FAUX PAW with free printables for “when I grow up” sign sets.  I started thinking a “save my ink” set of printable signs (opens here) was needed as well.  That was when I discussed such a printable with Welcome to Castle View Academy.  It ended up that she took the beautiful photos, below, and added the wonderful idea of having children dress up and use props to help really illustrate the ideas. She gave me permission to use the photos, as well. I also thought the black and white version pages might also make a nice writing project, so I included writing paper with different size writing lines.  I left room in the middle, lower portion of each page to add a child’s photo, as well.  The writing pages are at the end of the save my ink printable version.

Being a mechanic sounds interesting! This page has been colored in, a photo of the child added, and also a catalog picture has been added.


It might be fun to be a gardener and watch plants and flowers grow!


The next image shows there are various sizes of writing paper for differentiation in writing workshop.

FREE Printable Sign Sets for When I Grow Up Pictures

As you can see, this printable PDF instant download is in black and white.


This page is a sample and is the baker letter-size poster.


And this image is of one of the several different writing page options with a variety of printing line widths. This page has guidelines for emergent writers.


You might remember my printable sign sets in color to accompany Julia Dweck’s children’s book, Faux Paw.  The original blog post may be seen at this link.  when-I-grow-up-free-printable-poster-set-instant-downloadStudents might color in the black and white version, use them with writing projects, or even dress up as Crystal’s children did. Many thanks to Crystal for these nice photos!  I hope some of you find this helpful! You might like additional book companions for books by Julia Dweck at this link.

You might also like the free I Wish I Could Play With — imaginary poster set at this blog link.


Carolyn Wilhelm