This post is about the Montessori Crash Course that has Valuable Learning. I wanted to know how to implement Montessori at home, and this class helped me learn what to do. I am a long time fan of Living Montessori Now by Deb Chitwood, and have more recently met Jo Ebisujima from My Organized Chaos online. They are the teachers of a free introduction class as well as a priced Montessori Crash Course taught online. The actual class is 27 days, and I have access to the Montessori Crash Course Facebook group for a longer time. *Note: I am not an affiliate. 

Pinterest Activities

Have you been seeing the Pinterest pins of very fun activities only to have some of them fall flat with your children?  The pictures look so fun and engaging.  I liked them all but found them confusing to apply to at home learning. This course really opened the door to my not only understanding more about Montessori, how to implement it at home, but also how to make sense of the activities I keep seeing on Pinterest and Facebook. I was just so curious! This is my teeny tiny Montessori set up at this time.

Montessori Crash Course has Valuable Learning

Montessori Crash Course has Valuable Learning

The next time the free online introduction class will be held is May 11, 2015. I learned so much in just this introduction. The class is in just a few days, but there is time to sign up now. The 4 week course registration may be accessed at this link. I signed up quickly as I knew I wanted this learning opportunity. The fact it is online made it so easy for me to take. I used my Apple TV to watch, and my iPad to ask questions. A computer may also be used, as well as other devices. What was interesting is that Deb lives in the USA, while Jo lives in Japan, and they are able to teach together. They both answer questions during the course and in the Facebook group for class members, also.

They also have a free class about making your own 3-part cards often used in Montessori education. It only lasts about an hour and although I have previously made them myself, I did learn new information by taking the class. I love learning! Usually I sign up for courses as on Udemy, but take months to log in and actually take the classes. I took these right away.

These are some 3 part cards I made before taking the class. I hope to make some more using my new learning soon.

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Thank you for reading, Carolyn