You may remember the book Paddington (Bear) from your own childhood. Stowaway Paddington arrives in London after an earthquake kills his parents in deepest, darkest Peru. What a long journey. Arriving with his old hat, battered suitcase, duffel coat, and a love of marmalade, the tag he wears asks someone to “Please look after this bear. Thank you.” The Browns do so. Today I made coloring pages to accompany this story which many children may not realize is the type of thing happening currently. Wait until the subject of Ukraine and other refugee situations comes up in class and be proactive by having these coloring pages as well as the book ready to pull out at a moment’s notice. A storybook can help with many discussion topics that are beyond childhood concerns. The free instant download is at the next link.



Paddington arrives at Paddington station (hence his name) knowing no one.


He waits a long time, and finally the Browns take him home (only temporarily, according to the father).


How nice is that? Paddington manages to have tea with the Queen. See a video here.


Paddington Station is in London, so I included one coloring page of the London Bridge.


Thank you for reading! Carolyn

Social Studies Resources

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A Pony for Quarantine by O’Beara for Read Around the World


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Printable placemats freebie and informative post about a Machu Picchu trip.


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