Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards Freebie

Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards FreebieThis post has a nocturnal animal 3-part cards freebie in English and in French. As night falls earlier, we are out during darkness, and may see nocturnal creatures. Prior to Halloween, take the children outside to enjoy the wonders of nature at night so they will be more comfortable that night. Help them enjoy the beauty of the evening. Animal costumes are popular at Halloween, also, as the cutie in the this picture.  Take advantage of such opportunities and explain to the children information like when dressed as mice, they are dressed like nocturnal animals. Because the child pictured is being raised as a French/English bilingual child, this printable is in both languages.

Realistic Animal Photos Version of this Printable

The cards are in English and French, in entirely separate sections.

So, I learned many homeschools and Montessori teachers prefer realistic pictures on 3-part cards, so I have made a free printable with real photos.

Free realistic-Nocturnal-Animals-English+French-3-part-cards

Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards Freebie

Here are some photos of the materials in use.  First, the 3-part cards with realistic animal photos in English on a Montessori rug. The rug is used to help define work space for children in Montessori classrooms. There are more pictures about using these rugs at this post by Living Montessori Now.

Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards Freebie in English

Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards Freebie

Placing the cards on a tray in small containers helps the children more easily work with the cards, as the materials are organized ahead of time for them to use.


Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards Freebie in French

Next, is a photo of the French 3-part cards in use on a Montessori rug.

Nocturnal Animal 3-Part Cards Freebie

And now a photo of the French 3 part cards with animal photos in use on a tray.


Here is the preview of most of the French cards.
realistic-nocturnal-animals-in-French-and-English-preview_Page_3Here is the preview of most of the English cards:

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If you are interested, please also check out my free clip art animals version of this printable, also free.

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