3-Part Cards My Body Montessori Freebie

This post has 3-part cards my body in English and in French which are Montessori inspired. The printable is free. The English and French sections are entirely separate. Photos of the product in use are shown below. Click on this link to download, or click on the picture below.  Free in our free members area which is always free forever. It is free to join and get the password on this page.

Free Montessori 3-Part Cards My Body in English and in French

First, here is a tray set up for the 3 part cards in English.  Each card type may be placed in a separate container, for the child to work on a larger tray and combine the cards.

Free Montessori 3-Part Cards My Body in English and in French

Another way to use the cards is with a Montessori rug, which defines the work space for one child. This is a great way to have the children working without bothering others, or having others bother their work. Learn more about working with Montessori rugs at Living Montessori Now’s post.


3-Part Cards My Body in French and English

For informational purposes, this is the collage of the cards in English.


This is a tray and containers set up for children to work with the French cards.


The French cards may also be used with the Montessori rugs.3-part-cards-French

This is a collage showing the French cards that are included in the printable.


Many thanks to the De Tout Et de Rien blog for French language help!

De Tout Et de Rien Blog for Preschool

Enjoy!  Thank you for reading,

Carolyn Wilhelm