Today’s post is short with a free bubbles Montessori 3 part cards with definitions printable. Explorations with bubbles provides a wonderful opportunity for learning vocabulary, especially when children are in their sensitive periods for learning scientific terms such as adhesion, cohesion, and elasticity. These cards could be used as part of a bubbles unit or when making bubble blowing solutions. The download is available below, and is also free in my shop on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Bubbles 3 Part Cards

free bubbles-3-part-cards-with-definitions (opens here)

Bubbles Vocabulary Montessori 3 Part Cards with Definitions

Bubbles Demonstrations

Scientific terms can be understood through demonstrations and activities.  To help explain the term cohesion, children can take a few drops of water on a roller coaster ride. Children put a tablespoon of water on a piece of waxed paper, so the water drops are apart. They hold the waxed paper with both hands and move it which causes the water to join together.  Cohesion is the joining together of like molecules.

take drops of water on a roller coaster ride to demonstrate cohesion, activity in free printable

Adhesion is the joining of unlike molecules. Unlike molecules stick together. A teaspoon of oil placed on a piece of waxed paper will spread and stick, but will not go on a “roller coaster” ride.  This activity demonstrates how different materials adhere to one another.

demonstrate adhesive with this simple activity

Elasticity is best shown by allowing children to try to blow different shapes of bubbles with shaped bubble wands. Children can try to make their own wands with pipe cleaners, and see what happens when they try to blow a square or star-shaped bubble.  No matter what, the end result bubble will be spherical.

Thank you for reading.  Carolyn