Flower Names 3-part Cards and Matching Freebie

Spring is a great time to learn flower names. How nice it is too look at flowers after the long winter. This post has a free printable for the names of eight flowers which includes 3-part cards as well as a matching mat and corresponding cards. The resource may be used with the Safari Ltd. Flowers Toobs (non-affiliate link) set of realistic miniatures. The flowers include the Bird of Paradise, Daffodil, Hibiscus, Lotus, Orchid, Rose, Sunflower, and Tulip. The picture cards may be used with non-readers, and emergent or independent readers may use the 3-part card sets. These are Montessori inspired activities. Flower-names-3-part-cards-free-PDFWe also set up a tray for flower arranging, just a very simple activity to have a little more hands-on experience with flowers. Children might do this when mothers are getting ready for dinner, and “help” by filling the vase and putting it on the table for the family. arranging flowers tray set up for child

Children like to contribute to the family and enjoy this activity. Look at the concentration!

arranging-flowers-for-the-dinner-table-activityThis is a tray activity set up as a matching exercise, where the Safari Ltd. miniatures are placed on the cards. Of course, the cards may be placed in a basket as well as the flowers for the child to pick independently, also. match-the-flower-to-the-corresponding-cardOf course, the 3 part tray helps a child organize his or her thinking and increases literacy and thinking. Organized learners go far in life.
using-the-free-flowers-printable-with-a-3-part-tray-activityA matching mat page with cards to print is included in the printable. Here is it printed, cards cut apart, and ready for child use on a tray. flowers-matching-mat-activity

The following picture shows the pages included in this free printable.

Flower Name free-flower-names-cards-preview

The cards would be useful alone without the Safari Ltd. Toobs items, but it would be so nice to have them on hand, as well.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn