Can You Really Trust Worksheets in All Published Workbooks?

Can You Really Trust Worksheets in All Published Workbooks?

I say, not always. My grandson attended a private, religious school for grades 1-3. The curriculum they used was good about including something pertaining to the Bible on every page of the books he used, but it was not so good at making sure the information presented was accurate. Often the instructions were confusing and sometimes the information was just plain wrong.

I was especially disappointed in the language arts and reading worksheets. Just as it is easy to find erroneous information on the Internet, there are also many curriculum writers out there who have never been in the classroom. Worksheets found in booklets at a dollar store or at the supermarket may have been written by people who have no background in education.

Who Can You Trust?

I suggest that teachers be sure to carefully examine any worksheets that they take from commercial publications before giving them to their students.

An even better idea is to purchase your worksheets from experienced teachers who know what they are doing and have tested their worksheets on their own students.

Visit to find my workbooks and thousands of teacher-tested workbooks at amazingly low prices. You will also find many free products to use with your students.

I write for all three of those websites as do many of my teacher friends. Although no one is perfect, and typos and mistakes can happen, teachers really try to be accurate. After using the products with their own students, they know what works well and what doesn’t.

Carolyn Wilhelm, the owner of Wise Owl Factory, has hundreds of quality products. The best part is that most of them are free.

I hope you will visit the website above and find something helpful for you and your students.

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