Here is to you, teachers! This is a supportive short video less than two minutes long for your busy day. I’m thinking of you, teachers everywhere

Teachers are so busy and most people have no idea of what a teaching day involves. People think we go home at three and put our feet up. What do they think we are doing at school all day? We are working with children and families. We attending meetings and committees.

A Teacher’s Job is Never Done

Once home, the paper work begins — correcting papers, grading tests, filling out forms, entering report cards online, and preparing for the next day. There is no time to do these things at school almost ever! A snow day when teachers have to report anyway might allow two hours, and this would only be a few days a year. I’m thinking of you, teachers everywhere!

I’m sure it is similar for homeschool teachers and teachers in all kinds of schools and teaching situations. We are with the children in the day. People must imagine the students sit and wait while we grade papers and fill out report cards, but they must never have tried to have a child wait patiently while they worked on something.

And in Summer . . .

Even in the summer, we are attending workshops, technology summer camp for teachers (no kidding, the technology is always changing and we are not learning that while with the children), and classes. We have renewal units to keep up and licensing paperwork. Teachers are always busy!

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

Here is to You Teachers Supportive Short Video