This post has 3 free pre-sized blank PowerPoint slides for you to use to create correctly sized social media images. If you download them, please be aware they will look like blank rectangles on your desktop. They are blank and ready for use. You can copy paste them several times and save in a folder to use when needed. Rename them to match your social media post so they will save and can be uploaded to your posts. The sizes I used are 735 X 1100 for Pinterest, 1200 X 628 for Facebook, and I often used one 500 X 500 so I included that one, also. When the files are saved as PNGs or JPGs, however, they will need resizing to those dimensions. Power Point automatically saves pictures a little larger but with the correct ratios. First, here is a video of using these files. I added my own pictures in and then show how to use them. Mine are for Social Warfare but are sized for social media and can be used in different ways.

How To Use The Files

First, see a video I made on what I do to use these files.

Here is the Pinterest blank PowerPoint slide, will save as 735 X 1100


Next is the Facebook and other social media size blank slide will save as 1200 X 628


And I like to use a 500 X 500 side myself, so I am including that as the third PowerPoint file. It will save as  500 X 500.


Resizing is done in the design tab, under page size. If you want other sizes, just click on design, then size, and then custom. Select the dimensions you want and save as “ensure” page fit. You can make all sorts of slide sizes this way, such as letter sized.

 I hope this helps some people. Carolyn

Blank Power Point Slides Sized for Social Media Free

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