Animal and Habitat Match Free Printables

Animal and Habitat Match Free Printables Animal and Habitat Match Free Printables! This post has a two free Pre-K and K animal and habitat match printables. One has photos and one was made with clip art. I read a sweet owl board book, Home Sweet Home. It is a lift the flap and reveal story with four habitats. I thought children might like to create their own habitat scenes either to accompany this book or another.  The text is minimal and the scenes are well illustrated. I can envision using small plastic animals in each two page spread with the book.  The flaps are strong and not flimsy, so a young child could not wreck this book. Of course, this printable may be used with similar stories or an entirely different science lesson. The printable has four habitats, and 4 animals for each habitat.  This is the link to download the version using photos for Montessori inspired activities.

Animal and Habitat Match Free Printables

This is a picture of the cartoon clip art version of the printable in use.Animal and Habitat Match Free Printables

*Note:  The book has polar bears and penguins in the icy regions, but actually penguins are at the south pole, and polar bears are at the north pole.  They do not live in the same areas. Polar bears live at the north pole, and penguins live at the south pole.

Animal and Habitat Match Free Printables

A good accompaniment for the animal habitat match would be the free Animal Theme Learning Fun, previously posted and now updated. Also free!

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