This post has a leaves shapes botany 3-part cards free PDF which was inspired from my year long KHT Montessori online class. We are currently studying how Botany is taught in the Montessori classroom. However, of course, leaf shapes are universal and these cards may be used in any education setting. I didn’t know all these terms myself and am impressed with what can be taught to young children if the materials and methods are in place. Montessori empowers the learner by providing materials so they can actually teach themselves. The fewer the words the teacher says, the better, and so careful planning is required to achieve teaching using the Montessori method. Theses cards would be good for the regular classroom science table, as well, and if leaves are available they could be matched to the cards. We are noticing more about the shapes of leaves in our household plants that we had not previously considered. 

Leaves Shapes Can Be Used In Different Ways

This is a sample page showing the 4 cards which may be used in a 3-part lesson. The picture cards may be used with the young learner, and provide practice for independent readers. The words only cards may be used when the shapes have been learned. sample-page-from-leaf-shape-botany-PDF

The Montessori botany leaf shapes cabinet is something I do not happen to have, but it would be a nice addition to the classroom. So for now we have a 3-part card tray and are using the cards as pictured below. The cards include orbiculate, ovate, elliptical, cordate, lanceolate, spatulate, reinform, deltoid, sagitate, hastate, acerose, linear, and obcordate leaf shapes.deltoid-shape-botany-3-part-cards

The cards may be used different ways.


leaves-shapes-3-part-cards (download here)


Once the leaf shapes are known, it will be hard not to find them everywhere! This salad included orbiculate and spatulate shapes. leaf-shapes-in-salad-what-are-they

Indoors and out of doors, leaves are everywhere to help reinforce the new learning for children. Morning glory plant leaves are cordate to cordate-orbicular.what-is-the-shape-of-the-leaf

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

leaves shapes