This post has free sea turtle 3-part Montessori cards which can be found on our free eMember page. The first newsletter of the month has the password of the month for the protected pages on Wise Owl Factory. Sea turtles are so popular now with the summer movie, as are ocean creatures. Our theme of the summer is the ocean!

Here is a video of some of the pages included in this PDF file.

Sea Turtle 3-Part Cards to Download

Of course, 3-part cards are a Montessori strategy. They are presented with little language. Living Montessori Now has a free class where you can learn to make your own cards. This link is to a video about how to use 3-part cards, also. I would present just the picture first, although reading really isn’t required for using even the word cards. It depends on the age of child and if the child has any emergent reading skills, of course.

Sea Turtle 3-part Montessori Cards

This PDF has photos of the life cycle of the sea turtle, which would accompany the toys that show the parts of the life cycle, such as Safari Ltd. but toys are not required. I don’t have that particular set myself.

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The new summer movie Dory has inspired us for learning with an ocean theme. It is fun to take advantage of children’s interested, engagement, and curiosity about the real world when inspired by a movie or family activity such as visiting a zoo or water area. It helps to have a theme going, as well, as when children ask to do widely different activities they can be reminded of the focus for learning. Family meetings and plans can help establish a focus for a particular time period such as a summer, and help reduce whining and provide an educational aspect for those months.

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