Quilting Classes at Quilted Treasures in Rogers MN

This post is about my quilting classes at Quilted Treasures in Rogers, Minnesota. I took On the Double, 3 ways to bind, and the Traditional Sampler classes recently.  The store is the best in the state as far as inventory and helpful personnel.  Mary Jo was my teacher and she was amazing. I haven’t sewn much at all for 40 years, I have never quilted, and I now have two finished quilts and one soon to be completed. I was not at all sure I could be successful and was hesitant before I started. The long arm-services at the store are perfect for me as I do not have an actual quilting machine.  My daughter who quilts took me to the store a number of times before I was convinced it should try it myself. I stood in the store not having a clue how all the beautiful quilts on display were made, not one clue. I can not at least look around and think I know how some of them are made and also that I might try some of the projects myself. Note: I am not affiliated with the store in anyway and do not earn money for writing this post. 

First, of course, supplies are required. The store has everything one might need or want as far as tools, equipment, patterns, fabric, and notions. The helpful staff will advise on what items and fabrics might be needed. They even suggested I use batik fabric for one of my projects as it is easier for beginners. It is worth a trip to the store just to see the many beautiful quilts on display. The lighting in the store is excellent and the high ceiling allows for much display room. It is like a modern quilting museum inside!

Quilting Classes at Quilted Treasures in Rogers MN

Then, of course, fabrics are to be selected, a very fun part of quilting. There are so many fabulous choices it makes the decision sweet agony. These are the colors I selected for my On the Double Quilt with the help of my daughter and Mary Jo, the teacher.

fabric selected for On the Double QuiltThe inside was sewn together first. I couldn’t imagine I could even do such a thing. As the classes progressed, it seemed Mary Jo could help the students achieve new sewing and quilting goals.

Quilting Classes at Quilted Treasures in Rogers MN

Finally, we added inner and the outside borders, and had finished the quilt top. I sent it in for long-arm services which take about three weeks. Mine came back sooner, though. Be careful of trying to get quilts long-armed before major holidays, as it can get very busy and take longer.

finished On the Double quilt top

The binding had to be cut and sewn together after the top was ready. Orange helped the colors pop, so to speak.

quilting-projects-Carolyn (10)

At this point, I found a project I had hoped to sew on my own before I realized I needed lessons. It was just fabric from a store up north that I had purchased almost two years ago. I found I could sew it after the On the Double class. I did not add the borders. Also, because I had not taken the binding class at this time, I had Quilted Treasures bind it for me. They do offer that that service for a price, which I appreciated.


Quilting Classes

Quilted Treasures has many classes and events. The third class I took was the traditional sampler class. I was very impressed that Mary Jo was able to teach me how to sew this way! This is not anything like I have ever worked on previously.


My twelve blocks ready for the sash and corners. Actually, I have started sewing this part together and now at least I understand the entire quilt top project and can finish it. I can’t wait to have the long arm services. At the store, when three quilts are long-armed, there is $20 off the fourth quilt. So, I had better start thinking of my fourth quilt.

traditional sampler class blocks ready for the sash and corners

Thank you for reading, Carolyn