This post has a review of Door County summer vacation candy written by Miss Owl and Miss Frog. They were lucky enough to shop at the Door County Confectionery. Their thoughts inspired this blog post as well as a candy theme free puzzle for fall math centers or class parties.


Satellite Wafers Review

Initial thoughts:
“I have had these at other locations and they usually change the filling! So we were excited to try these.”
-Miss Frog, Miss Owl

“Melts in your mouth” – Mom

Final thoughts:

“Tastes just like wafers with a surprise inside” -Mom

“Has blue, orange, and white balls inside, great candy!” -Miss Owl, Miss Frog

Miss Owl and Miss Frog review candy they bought on summer vacation

Marshmallow candy cones:

Initial thoughts:

“Looks like ice cream”
-Miss Frog

“Looks very sweet”
-Miss Owl

Final thoughts:

“Not what I was expecting, tasted just like sugar-coated marshmallow, I was expecting more of a meringue.” -Miss Frog

“Very good, had 3!” -Miss Owl


Smarties Lollies

Initial thoughts:

“My favorite candy, colorful.”
-Miss Frog

“Looks very good, never had it before.”
-Miss Owl

Final thoughts:

“Melts in your mouth if you bite it.” -Miss Frog

“Very sweet” -Miss Owl

Halloween candy theme puzzles to use two ways for math centers or fall class parties

The puzzle pages were inspired by the candy reviews! The pages may be cut apart for children to assemble. This activity could be placed in a math center. For a class party, two sets of puzzles may be used, so two teams might race each other to finish the puzzles first. Skip-Counting-puzzles-candy-theme PDF

back to school skip counting printable

Find back to school skip counting puzzles at this post. 


The panda puzzles and matching game is an instant free download on Wise Owl Factory.


This inexpensive set of puppy puzzles on Teachers Pay Teachers has different puppy pictures, as well as an Easel Self-correcting Activity, and an Easel Self-correcting Assessment.


This set of animal skip counting puzzles on Teachers Pay Teachers has an Easel activity as well as an Easel assessment. Easel activities are self-correcting.


Halloween candy skip counting puzzles free on this site.