Nocturnal Animals Free Printable 3 Part Cards in English and French


Nocturnal animals free 3-part cards printable in English and French — was inspired by Little Owl’s Night, a board book by Divya Srinivasan. So many children’s books are written about daytime activities, and this one really shows the dark night. In the fall, nature centers have activities and animal demonstrations which include owls, bats, and other nocturnal animals. School lessons often feature these creatures in October, as well. The children are curious about the seasonal changes.

The animals included in the book are: owl, possum, hedgehog, skunk, beaver, turtle, raccoon, bear, frog, cricket, fox, and bat. Rooster crows at dawn, but little owl is fast asleep.  The moon, stars, and moonflowers are also in the story. It is important for children to see stars at night! It is also important to point out the moon at night as well as in the day. First graders often have to be convinced the moon is not only out at night, but is sometimes visible during the day. The cards are in English and French, in entirely separate sections.

Free clip art version of nocturnal animals, downloads here. Montessori-inspired activities. Separate sections for English and French cards.


Here is an alternate activity using a Montessori rug. This is a picture of the English cards in use for a more independent reader who is matching the words and picture without the support of the third card. After practice with the three cards, this activity would follow. alternate activity nocturnal-animal-in-English-3-part-cards-free

Free 3 Part Cards in French3-part-cards-French-nocturnal-animals

Here, also, are the French cards being used to match the word and picture which is an activity for more independent readers to follow practice with the three part cards. Emergent readers may be able to do this by noticing the initial and/or final sounds in the word without actually “reading” the entire word all the way through.

alternate activity French-free-3-part-cards-nocturnal-animals

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Thank you to the Teaching FSL blog and TpT store for helping me with the French!


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Carolyn Wilhelm