This post has a free movable alphabet and numbers printable for emergent writers and mathematicians. I used the Montessori colors with red consonants and blue vowels, red numbers and white math symbols, and some options. As part of my year long KHT Montessori class, I am making as many resources as possible in the DIY (do it yourself) way to help save money be able to teach the lessons and resources.  This link is to my first post inspired by the class about flowers and children.

I am sharing some of my new printables on my blog. I certainly wish I had known about the movable alphabet when I was teaching first grade. Each year there were certain children who just couldn’t and wouldn’t write stories with a pencil. It was as if (and you have probably also seen students who do this) with a pencil in hand, their brains didn’t work. I didn’t know then about this Montessori method which I am sure many would have enjoyed. Just look at how pretty it is to use, especially with a few non-fiction props. Phonetic spelling is fine when using this alphabet. Teachers say they are surprised by how much knowledge children can demonstrate using these materials. Live and learn!movable alphabet free printable pages

A movable alphabet may be therefore used with reluctant writers.

A nice feature of this approach is that the learning is easily shared with other students who can also read and admire the work. For some children this is better than sharing by reading aloud which can also be a stretch for the emergent reader, even if reading their own work. movable-alphabet-printable-use-with-children-not-yet-ready-to-write-with-a-pencilBeside reading and writing, other subject areas may be incorporated in to this method. Here a Montessori turtle puzzle helps bring the words alive. Using the letters this way is probably an extension activity. Yes, the words are spelled on the cards that label the turtle diagram, but for emergent readers and writers this is a wonderful opportunity to use big words. Children love longer vocabulary words and are somehow able to say and remember them. Such words would not really be used in a spelling test, but here the letters are being matched and the words can be read aloud.


The printable also has movable numbers. This is a nice approach for emergent mathematicians who need counters and practice with addition. The counters are placed in such a way as to allow a child at the counting stage to subitize, which is required before being able to count on for actual adding. This helps children work toward learning number conservation. I used the all red option in the photo below, but there is a red/white option included.


The next picture shows the Montessori-inspired pages included in this freebie. The movable alphabet blue-and-red-Montessori-letters printable is free and opens on the free eMember page. Just sign up on this page (click free to remove payment options). No newsletter subscription is required.


Thank you for reading, Carolyn