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FREE Generic Primary Reading, Writing Workshop, Rubrics, Printable Pages, Generic PDF’s

These pages are great for being observed and having an answer to the question, “How will you evaluate this lesson?” Student and teacher rubrics and story mapping drawing and writing page included. See a short blog post here.

Beginning, Middle, and End: Story Writing, 250 PDF pages Now included foldables and a kindergarten printable

Beginning, Middle, and End: Story Writing, 250 PDF pages

Instructional pages for teacher use, student writing pages, and rubric. Includes foldables and a kindergarten writing printable.

See a blog post at this link.

*See also the PowerPoint version of this same lesson.
*See also the SMART Board version of this same lesson.
*See also the grade 2 printable.


Free Growth and Fixed Mindset Back to School Letter Size Posters


These letter-sized teaching posters help illustrate how having a growth mindset helps students achieve more, and that a fixed mindset will limit potential. The pictures are easy to understand and the wording is kid-friendly and short.

See a blog post and short video that can be shown to students here.

Grade-2-Editable-Writing-Through-the-Year-Illustrated-Writing-Pages-and-RubricsGrade 2 Editable Writing Through the Year Illustrated Writing Pages and Rubrics
See a blog post about this product in use at this link.
This PDF has a variety of illustrated writing pages with school year themes, writing rubrics, and student work covers.See a blog post about this product here.
FREE-About-the-Author-PDF-with-Vocabulary-PagesFREE About the Author PDF with Vocabulary Pages
Black and white printable includes:
2 options for about the author pages to add to any writing project
4 pages of vocabulary to help students write their author pages, which may be added to student writing resource folders
Illustrated word banks with student interest vocabulary
Substitute-Day-Plans-ABC-Order-Sub-Day-Smart-Board-LessonSubstitute Plans: ABC Order Sub Day, all materials included, PDF of 177 pages

Available in the Wise Owl Factory Premium eMember area

*73 slides Notebook File for SMART Board lesson

*See also the teacher version (not for substitutes).

*See also the PDF only Sub day version

Free-First-Grade-Surveys-and-Make-My-Own-Graph-Sports-ThemeFree First Grade Surveys and Make My Own Graph, Sports Theme

Available in our free eMember area. 

This printable has a directions page, three different surveys, pages for creating the results on graphs, and a generic option for student use. These pages will help students work towards the CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.MD.C.4 standard.

Asking-Questions-Strategy-Posters-and-Printable-Work-Pages-No-PrepAsking Questions Strategy Posters and Printable Work Pages No Prep and SMART Board notebook file

Please see the free preview for images of pages included in this file, as well as a free page.
This asking questions strategy product has letter sized teaching posters as well as printable work pages. It is a print and go no prep printable for large and small group reading comprehension sessions. It is for grades 1-3. Differentiation options are included. This link is to a blog post with further information.

Free-Gentle-Version-of-Chicken-Little-Readers-Theater-ScriptFree Gentle Version of Chicken Little Reader’s Theater Script

This printable Chicken Little reader’s theater script is a “gentle version” with a fun ending. There are 8 cast members. Three parts are for more independent readers, and five are for more emergent readers as the lines are repetitious.


Editable A to Z School Year Memory Booklet for K-2

This printable is editable for teachers who may wish to type in memories for students to illustrate with drawings and/or photos.

By starting this booklet in the fall and working on it after events, field trips, and other learning . . . the end of the school year will be easier as the book will then be almost finished at that time.

Free-Fire-Safety-Count-and-Graph-Pre-K-thru-Grade-1Free Fire Safety Count and Graph Pre-K thru Grade 1

Free count and graph activities in color and in black and white. Students may use objects to record answers on the recording pages, or the pages may be placed in plastic sleeve protectors for use with dry markers.

See a blog post with more information here

Bear-Theme-Puzzles-Skip-Counting-1-10-and-Fry-Words-1a-and-1b-SentencesBear Theme Puzzles Skip Counting 1-10 and Fry Words 1a and 1b Sentences

Photos of real bears puzzles for your math and reading centers. Students put the puzzles together using skip counting or reading fry word levels 1a and 1b. The answer key is the PDF which shows the puzzles in order. 42 pages of puzzle fun!

Free-Skip-Counting-Animal-Puzzles-Count-by-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-and-10 Free Skip Counting Animal Puzzles, Count by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

This is a set of nine picture puzzles for skip counting practice. They are self-correcting. The animal theme will engage learners and offer guided practice as the final picture will control for errors.

Skip Counting Puppy Puzzles, Count by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10Skip Counting Puppy Puzzles, Count by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10
See free sample page in preview
This is a set of eighteen puppy picture puzzles for skip counting practice. They are self-correcting. The puppy theme will engage learners and offer guided practice as the final picture will control for errors.
Visual-Schedule-Preschool-Cards Visual Schedule Preschool Cards

This printable PDF has pages with real photos and also pages with clip art of children and home activities.

Face-Parts-and-Feelings-Teaching-Cards-with-Real-PhotosFace Parts and Feelings Teaching Cards with Real Photos, Montessori Inspired

This printable PDF has real photos of parts of the face and different feelings that children should learn to recognize. When is someone sad? When is someone surprised? Of course, these cards would work with social skills lessons. See a blog post here with further information.

Free-Editable-Birthday-AwardsFree Editable Birthday Awards
For back to school, it is nice to have an editable set of birthday awards for the new class. These awards may be edited by typing in the blue spaces.
Synthesizing-as-a-Reading-Strategy-Power-Point-Student-PagesSynthesizing as a Reading Strategy PowerPoint
Freebie in the Preview
The most difficult of the seven reading strategies is synthesizing. This introductory lesson helps explain the reading strategy.
Free-Generic-Mystery-Writing-with-Interactive-Student-Notebook-FoldablesFree Generic Mystery Writing with Interactive Student Notebook Foldables or ISN’s

This mystery writing activity includes interactive student notebook printable pages (foldables). Interactives for characters, setting, clues, detective tools are included. There is also a cover, a writing page, and student and teacher writing rubrics.

Bossy-R-Farm-Lesson-to-help-teach-r-controlled-vowels-for-Smart-BoardBossy R Farm Lesson and Project to help teach r-controlled vowels
Freebie in Preview See the PDF only version, and PowerPoint and PDF version as well. Finally, there is a SMART Board and PDF product.
Free-Mini-Pack-for-Decision-Making-Grade-4Free Mini-Pack for Decision Making Grade 4

Free instant download at the blog post.

This is the free mini-pack of decision-making activities for groups or individual students for my decision-making product.
This free printable has a problem and a decision matrix to help solve the problem on each page. The PACED or other decision-making models may be used in conjunction with these pages.

See blog post with further information at this link.

Decision-Making-Grade-4-Personal-Family-School-CommunityDecision Making Grade 4 Personal, Family, School, Community
Available in our Premium eMember area

*Introduction to Decision Making
*PowerPoint Presentation about decision making at different levels
*PDF of PowerPoint presentation for teacher use
*Decision making word lists, see sample in the preview
*Student writing pages

See a blog post about the priced version here.

See blog post about the free version with further information at this link.

Free-Valentines-Day-Bookmarks-Reading-Chart-Count-and-GraphFree Valentine’s Day Bookmarks Printable 

The instant download is at the blog post.

*Two printable pages of bookmarks in color, ten designs.
*One page of black and white bookmarks, 5 designs.
*One reading chart for February in black and white, and one in color
*One counting and coloring page, a corresponding graphing page, and the answer key.


Determining Importance Reading Comprehension Strategy
Freebie in Preview
PowerPoint lesson and student printable PDFs.with Interactive Student Notebook Foldables

FREE-Valentines-to-Color-for-K-2-1FREE Valentine’s to Color for K-2
3 coloring pages with “to, from” as well as smaller Valentines with one envelope

Reading Strategies Lessons and Printables for the SMART Board +ISN’s

No preparation required, print or view and be ready to use this product.
There is a freebie in the preview.
This product includes ISN’s.


Owl Theme Classroom with calendar pieces, editable desk name topper, alphabet letter size posters, editable newsletter template, and classroom decor, total 230+ pages
See the preview for more information

Free-St-Patricks-Day-Bookmarks-Doubles-Graphing-Activity-Reading-ChartsFree printable bookmarks, graphing doubles activity, and reading charts for March and St. Patrick’s Day. Instant download at the blog post on this site.

Read the blog post here.

This product includes the following:

*Lion, lamb, weather bookmark (in color)
*St. Patrick’s Day and the word March bookmark (in color)
*St. Patrick’s Day and the word March bookmark (black and white)
*Spring birds, a rainbow, and a cloverleaf bookmark (in color)
*Math cubes and graphing, doubles facts (in color)
*St. Patrick’s theme reading chart (black and white)
*St. Patrick’s theme reading chart (in color)

Grade-2-Beginning-Middle-End-Writing-PDF-with-FoldablesGrade 2 Beginning, Middle, End Writing PDF with Foldables
Please also see the preview.
Free printable pages are included in the preview.
Very little preparation required, just print and use.

Free-2-Square-Numbers-0-120-Set-TwoFree 2″ Square Numbers 0-120, SET TWO

CCSS.Math.Content.1.NBT.A.1 Count to 120, starting at any number less than 120. In this range, read and write numerals and represent a number of objects with a written numeral.

Back-Up-and-Reread-ELMER-AND-THE-DRAGON-Smart-Board-PPt-PDFsBack-Up and Reread, with ELMER AND THE DRAGON, Smart Board Plus Printable Pages, generic pages for any book, Power Point also included

Using ELMER AND THE DRAGON by Ruth Stiles Gannett, the “back-up and reread” strategy can be well demonstrated by teachers.

FREE-Winter-Theme-Bookmarks-Reading-Charts-GraphFREE winter theme PDF with seven pages including:
2 pages of bookmarks in color
1 page of black and white bookmarks
1 page penguin math cube
1 page penguin graphing
1 page reading record chart in color
1 page reading record chart, black and white
Mice-Themed-Prepositional-Phrases-Center-and-Writing-Frame-PDFMice Themed Prepositional Phrases Center, Phrase Cards, and Writing Frame

Freebie in Preview
91 Page PDF, for K-2

Black and white as well as color printing options

See blog post with more free samples at this link

FREE-Spring-Earth-Day-Graphing-Bookmarks-and-Reading-ChartFREE Spring Bookmarks, Reading Chart, and Earth Day Graphing Activity
8 printable pages including:
2 pages of bookmarks in color
2 pages of bookmarks in black and white
1 page with paper cube and 1 page with a corresponding graph recording page with an earth day theme
1 page reading record in black and white
1 page reading record in color

Centers and Writing Frames: Skillful Scarecrow PDF, 78 pages
Skillful Scarecrows
Scarecrow Theme
Free page in preview

See also a blog post about this product with a free game page

Free-How-to-Add-a-Link-to-a-TpT-Product-DescriptionFree: How to add a link (hyperlink) to a TpT product description PDF.

A YouTube video link with a demonstration is included in the PDF. Watch the video first, and then follow the steps on the PDF. Save this file to your computer so you will have the information each time you need to add a link to a TpT product description.

April Showers Theme Count and Graph with Differentiation, Make my Own Surveys, in our Premium Area

Print and go, little preparation is required.


Represent and interpret data.



How to Add Animated Photos to the TpT Quote Area

In the Teachers Pay Teachers store, the quote area can be animated to help engage viewers. This is set of 11 steps which can be used to created animated photos using PowerPoint and free online sites.

First, watch the free video at YouTube Video Explanation

Please also see a blog post about this product

Happy-Birthday-and-Star-of-the-Week-SMART-Board-and-PDFStar of the Week and Happy Birthday Notebook File

42 slides and 18 printable student pages, 24 birthday display pages, and 2 posters to print

There are 13 different Happy Birthday slides, and 14 different Star of the Week slides from which to pick.

Free-December-Bookmarks-Reading-Charts-and-GraphingFree December Bookmarks, Reading Charts, and Graphing
for K-11 page of Christmas lights theme bookmarks in color
1 page of Christmas lights theme bookmarks in black and white
1 page of Hanukkah theme bookmarks in color
1 page of Hanukkah theme bookmarks in black and white
1 page of Kwanzaa theme bookmarks in black and white
1 page Christmas lights theme reading chart in black and white
1 page Christmas lights theme reading chart in color
1 page counting and coloring decorations to graph
1 page graphing record
Spring-Count-and-Graph-in-color-and-black-and-whiteThis Spring Count and Graph PDF has color and printing options.
Freebie in preview
Very little prep!
The 12 different graphing activities with answers, and differentiation options. Sections include:
St. Patrick’s Day graphing
Spring graphing
Gardening graphing
Outdoor Fun graphing
May graphing
Sunny graphing
Photo section
First-grade graphing section
Bonus file
Free-St-Nicholas-Day-in-the-Netherlands-Dec-5-6Free St. Nicholas Day in the Netherlands Dec. 5-6

1 page black and white informational text/coloring
1 page in color informational text
1 page student work page Venn diagram
1 page teacher answer key Venn diagram
1 page bookmarks in color
1 page bookmarks in black and white
2 pages count and graph holidays around the world

See blog post here

Interactive-Student-Notebook-Reading-Strategies-FoldablesInteractive Student Notebook Reading Strategies Foldables
Freebie in preview
This is a black and white printable for student use in interactive notebooks or ISNs. These are also called foldables.*Six strategies wheel
*Optional six strategies bottom wheel
*Six strategies bookmarks
Free-ight-December-Theme-Word-Cards-Graph-and-Read-the-RoomFree -ight December Theme Word Cards, Graph, and Read the Room
December Holiday Lightswords included:
bright, eight, fright, light, lights, might, night, right, sight, write
bright, string of lights
All-3-Text-Connections-Text-to-Self-Text-to-Text-and-Text-to-WorldAll 3 Text Connections: Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text, and Text-to-World
79 page printable PDF
53 page writing project PDFList of books for Text-to-World Student PagesA CHAIR FOR MY MOTHER by Vera B. Williams
THE BIG WAVE by Pearl S. Buck
DEAR JUNO by Soyung Pak
THE EARTH AND I by Frank Asch
ON THE SAME DAY IN MARCH by Marilyn Singer
PING by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese
Free-Baby-Animal-Sudoku-and-GraphingFree Baby Animal Sudoku and Graphing

Instant download at the blog post
9 activity pages
3 Sudoku baby animal puzzles and answers
2 baby animal cubes
2 baby animal graphing activity pages

Springs-a-Popping-Punctuation-Posters-Play-Dough-Mats-and-ActivitiesSpring’s a Popping Punctuation

This 127-page spring theme printable has activities, sentence sorting, play-dough work mats, games, a bulletin board display, and short emergent readers for expressive oral reading by paying attention to punctuation. This product is a full punctuation unit for your classroom. Read the blog post here for further information. 

Free-Easter-Count-and-GraphFree Easter Count and Graph
This free Easter Count and Graph PDF has pages to print in color and in black and white. The two activities are different. The color pages are color specific and do need to be printed in color. Specific counting and independent versions are included.Instant download at the blog post on this site.
Tools-3-part-Montessori-CardsTools 3-part Montessori Cards

This is a set of twelve tools on cards with pictures and labels. The free preview demonstrates the quality of the photos. These are vocabulary cards. The general purpose of Montessori 3-part cards are to enrich and enlarge a child’s vocabulary, and to aid in the understanding of the environment. See blog post at this link for more information.

  Special-Days-in-May-Variety-Pack-for-K-1-Print-and-GoSpecial Days in May Variety Pack for K-1 Print and Go
Freebie in preview file. 
Print and go special days in May activities includes the following:
*count and graph
*roll and graph
*word find and answer key
*Mother’s Day card
*maze and answer key
*early reader
Free-Summer-Bookmarks-Count-and-Graph-and-Reading-ChartsFree Summer Bookmarks, Count and Graph, and Reading Charts
This printable includes:
3 pages of bookmarks in color to print and cut apart
2 pages of black and white bookmarks to print and cut apart
1 page of summer counting and 1 page of corresponding graphing
1 black and white reading chart to print for students
1 summer reading chart in color — See short blog post here.
Always-Free-Cinco-de-Mayo-Count-and-Graph-and-Roll-and-GraphAlways Free Cinco de Mayo Count and Graph and Roll and Graph
8 printable pages,
Use in plastic sleeves with dry erase markers or objects such as counters. The black and white student recording pages may be used as work pages, also.
The count and graph pages have answer keys included. Answers will vary for the roll and graph individual student independent activities.
Free-Mothers-Day-Count-and-Graph-Roll-and-GraphFree Mother’s Day Count and Graph, Roll and Graph

This graphing printable has a Mother’s Day theme, and has color and black and white printing options. The counting pages have answer keys, and the individual roll and graph activities will have answers that vary. The color and black and white count and graph pages are different, offering 4 options for use.

Free-Foldables-Frankie-Dupont-and-the-Mystery-of-Enderby-ManorFree Foldables: Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor
by Julie Anne Grasso
This new book entitled FRANKIE DUPONT AND THE MYSTERY OF ENDERBY MANOR is for grades 3 and up. The story clues are very clever and higher level thinking is required for children to understand the plot and story resolution. A wonderful discussion would be possible with the interesting clues and plot twists.
Free-Space-Theme-Creative-Writing-PromptsFree Space Theme Creative Writing Prompts

This printable has creative writing prompts for the writing center or writing workshop. The pages could also be useful for written response to accompany any fiction space theme book(s).

4-Free-Spring-Gameboards-with-Editable-Cards-Page4 Free Spring Gameboards with Editable Cards Page

Free instant download at the blog post.

This free printable has four generic game boards with a spring theme for use with any flashcards required for review. One page of blank cards teachers may edit is included.

Free-End-of-Year-Who-is-Who-in-My-Class-and-Autograph-BookletFree End of Year Who is Who in My Class and Autograph Booklet

Inclusive activity!  This is an end of the year activity that could be approached in several ways:
1. The students simply ask others to sign
2. The class helps decide which names belong on which pages
3. The students ask specific students to sign in specific areas

Free-Bubbles-Vocabulary-3-Part-Montessori-CardsFree Bubbles Vocabulary 3-Part Montessori Cards

These cards could be used in conjunction with a bubbles unit, text, and/or experiments.

The vocabulary includes:
surface tension



Animal Skip Counting Animal Puzzles, Count by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

See also puppy puzzle skip counting

This is a set of 18 picture puzzles for skip counting practice. They are self-correcting. The animal theme will engage learners and offer guided practice as the final picture will control for errors. Two PDF puzzle pages each of counting by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Plus Easel Assessment 20 Slides (self-correcting)

Plus Easel activity 18 pages self-correcting choose the answer missing number

PDFs, Google Slides, Easel Assessments

This product is about asking questions while reading and has student printable pages that required little preparation on the part of the teacher.

Please see the preview for images of pages included in this file and a free printable page.

Please also see my reading strategies professional development video with the PDFs included in this product.

This asking questions strategy product has letter sized teaching posters as well as printable work pages.

Little prep!

Beginning, Middle, and End Story Writing Lesson, Google Slides, 250 PDF Pages

Very little preparation, just print and go!

This is a completely animated PowerPoint, in view slide show mode. Just keep clicking to see sequences numbered automatically. The PDFs are included in the zip folder. Students and teachers may move the numbers and sequenced activities in the normal mode, also.

See also the Notebook File version of the same lesson for the SMART Board.

See also the PDF version of the same lesson.

All versions of this product have two sets of Google Slides for students. There are two instructional presentations on Google Slides.

Easel files, too.

Interactive Student Notebook pages included, and Kindergarten section included

PDFs, Google Slides, Easel Assessments
Bossy R Farm Lesson to help teach r-controlled vowels, for Smart Board

Bossy R Farm Lesson and Project to help teach r-controlled vowels with PDF, blog post here

Bulletin board or class display small and large sizes

Student project 2 options

Game in both black and white and also in color

Work pages

Large word posters in color

Word sort work pages and answer keys

Pocket chart or word wall cards


PowerPoint lesson and student printable PDFs with Interactive Student Notebook Foldables, little preparation is required other than printing or viewing.

There is a freebie in the preview.

Determining Importance in both non-fiction and fiction PowerPoint

Interactive Student Notebook Pages (ISN’s or foldables)

Three student quizzes in Easel (which may be used as practice)


The Complete Reading Strategies with some interactive student notebook foldables pages.

1. K-2 Text to Self Mini lessons. 50 slides and 45 PDF pages

2. All three text connections, text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world, 49 slides and 79 PDF pages in separate files

3. Asking Questions: 38 slides, 55 PDF pages

4. Back-up and Re-read: 39 slides, 38 PDF pages

5. Determining Importance: 50+ PPt slides 79 PDF pages

6. Synthesizing: 27 slides, 40 PDF pages

7. Printable Reading Strategies posters and accompanying SMART Board files files


Google Slides for teachers and students with PDF printable work pages.

Please see the preview for a freebie and more information about this product.

The most difficult of the seven reading strategies is synthesizing.

You might like my free synthesizing professional development video at this link

Synthesizing Professional Development Free Video