Frog or Toad? Free Resources

is-it-a-frog-or-a-toad-free-venn-diagram-and-PPtFrog or Toad? Children want to know! Books on this subject are often included in school libraries or classroom leveled reading nonfiction bins. Children wonder whether reptiles the are seeing are frogs and toads.  Many adults can’t tell the difference, but their similarities and differences are easy to spot.

However, these educational resources may be used with or without supporting books. Maybe your class has been catching a few frogs or toad. Some of my classes loved catching the little critters, and they also have to learn to release them, as well. Sometimes the same poor little creatures seem to be caught over and over “just to show” friends, and so they may need to be moved to another area. The excitement never ends when children are observing nature!

The next two links are free instant downloads.

Frog or Toad information PowerPoint, free

frog or toad work page and key PDF, free

The PowerPoint could be shown first, and the question posed, is it a frog or toad?

Frog or Toad? Free Resources

A few vocabulary words could be reviewed.

Frog or Toad? Free Resources

Then the characteristics of frogs and toads could be reviewed. This is the information slide about toads.

Frog or Toad? Free Resources

There are some slides comparing and contrasting frogs and toads. This is the slides listing differences.

Frog or Toad? Free Resources

There is a PDF Venn Diagram and this is the slide with the answer key. Students have a worksheet to fill out and answers could be reviewed with this slide.

frog-or-toad-powerpoint-slide (12)

free Power Point and PDF

Happy reading, Carolyn

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