Big Vocabulary Words Printable Freebie

Big-Words-for-Little-People-by-Jamie-Lee-Curtis-and-Laura-CornellThis post has a big vocabulary words printable.  Sometimes big words are just so fun! The book Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell could be used along with this printable.  Kids love to be able to use big words and impress others.

The cover of this hilarious book says it is from the #1 National Bestselling team, Curtis and Cornell.  While is it a fun story, and also educational as helps build vocabulary. It is sort of a dictionary that is a story. What a great idea! Especially if read and reread to children, this book will help them increase their vocabulary and understanding of words.  The words are also ones children hear often at school and home, such as patience, cooperate, appropriate, inappropriate, considerate, responsible, and more!  These are words you want your students or children to understand.  This story will help the children’s intelligence, one of the words in the book!  But be sure to reassure your students or children they are NOT little people, we can’t call children even 2 or 3 “LITTLE,” or they can be offended.

When trying to establish rules such as respect and cooperation, more explanation is required than just the use of the words.  What does respect really mean?  This book has many examples for the different words, like the multiple meanings in the dictionary.  It would be good to use at the beginning of the school year and again after winter break.  It would be helpful even at the end of the school year when the excited children anticipating summer break have low behavior chemistry!

My free PDF does not require the book, but it would be great to have on hand to use with the printable.  Children love to learn new and use new big words! And how about these, especially for back to school: respect, cooperate, appropriate, patience, celebrate, and consequence. Parents and teachers will approve!

free-big-words-work-page-and-key (5 pages)


The work pages are just matching, so the students will draw lines from the “big words” to the short meanings.


There are two pages of illustrated words to match, as well as answer keys to help grading be fast and accurate.


Thank you so much for reading, Carolyn