Social Studies Resources

Abe Lincoln’s Hat has a free supplemental book activity at this link. Free instant download PDF.


Arthur Meets the President free book companion Comprehention multiple choice, manuscript printing practice page, and coloring page.


The Breadwinner is a novel set in Afganistan based on interviews with children. Free novel companion at the post.


Chinese zodiac free printable activity and placemat PDFs.


Government Discussion Pages based on Minnesota Social Studies Standards, opens here.


Printable placemats freebie and informative post about a Machu Picchu trip.

A Pony for Quarantine by O’Beara for Read Around the World

A Pony for Quarantine by O’Beara for Read Around the World


Word wall for a study of China, and word search printable PDF free instant download.

Printable Chinese Vocabulary and Word Search — Opens here



A Different Pond book companion freebie. The father in the picture book story for children reflects on his previous life in war-torn Vietnam.


How I Learned Geography by Uri Shulevitz is a story from World War 2 that resonates with today’s children as it is child-centered and informative.


Symbols of Japan bingo game for grades K-4.


Read then compare and contrast the Korean Cinderella with the usual USA Cinderella Story.


Printable placemats freebie and informative post about a Machu Picchu trip.


Visit to Disneyland, Paris, France and free printable placemat PDF.


Parvana’s Journey is set in Afghanistan and is the second in the trilogy of three books. Free novel companion instant download at the post.


Printable with a map of La Reunion Island and a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast it with Madagascar. Answers provided.


World Landmarks 3-part-cards-freebie printable PDF


Free Printable for St. Nick Day in the Netherlands, this one is on Teachers Pay Teachers


Free PDF printable cards and writing frames for children to fill out and express their thanks to veterans and active-duty personnel.


Our A to Z and other social studies presentation links are all listed on this page.  PowerPoint, Google Slides, and/or SMART Board.


Eight top travel tips for families, written by I. Reid


Book review with free teaching supplement for a Dog for Lockdown. The book was written by Dublin author Clare O’Beara.


A Visit to Disneyland in Paris, free printable placemats PDF


Our A to Z Japan presentations:  free instant downloads are both in SMARTBoard and PowerPoint format


Our India A to Z presentation is in PowerPoint and a notebook file for the SMART Board. Both files open here!

Free PowerPoint

Free SMART board file


Clare O’Beara Author Interview in Dublin, Ireland


A to Z Rome and Italy:




A to Z Northern Ireland is available in PowerPoint as well as a PDF. Both are instant downloads.


Our A to Z and other social studies presentation links are all listed on this page.  PowerPoint, Google Slides, and/or SMART Board


Our snapshot of Ireland is for SMART Board only.


Interview with a homeschool mother in Northern Ireland.


The Netherlands (not Christmas) informational presentation for children. This is a notebook file for SMART Board.


Several freebies for Christmas in the Netherlands including a presentation and printable.

Machu Picchu and Nazca Lines Placemats Free Download

Machu Picchu and Nazca lines placemats for children in two sizes, 11″ X 17″ as well as 8.5″ X 11”


Learn about the quarantine in Ireland by reading A Pony for Quarantine, a fiction book by Clare O’Beara.


A review and free teaching supplement of a horse book by Clare O’Beara. The settings include Ireland and the USA, and readers will learn about the differences in cultures as well as Western and English riding.


A review and free teaching supplement of a horse book set in Ireland written by Clare O’Beara, Show Jumping Team.


As cultures reach out and exchange traditions to celebrate the diversity in this world, one tradition that has been growing in global awareness is the annual Spring Festival, also known as the Lunar New Year.


Review of What Foreigners Need To Know About America From A To Z: How to Understand Crazy American Culture, People, Government, Business, Language and More by Lance Johnson


World landmarks are fun for children to learn about.  Big words! Places to find on the globe!


Informational travel posts for home and abroad.


Eight top travel tips for parents to consider when planning vacations.


When traveling in Ireland during the fall of 2019, we met Clare O’Beara. I was able to interview her over a lovely 3-hour lunch and tea time.


Wise Owl Factory visited Castleview Academy in Northern Ireland during September of 2019. This is the interview with the teacher.


Informational travel posts for home and abroad.


Civil Rights Classroom March activity, download at the blog post  — easy print and go lesson.


Our decision making mini-pack freebie is based on Minnesota standards.


A post about Eidem Homestead is in Brooklyn Park, MN. It has ten acres and represents farms from about 1890 through 1910. There is a 3-part card freebie at the post.


Fire Safety Week is in October, and here is a free printable for the math centers for K-1.


Happy New You! Resolution writing frames informational blog post and freebie.


Nesting boxes paper folding project for Presidents’ Day is in our free eMember area. See this blog post for further information and a video.


A post about a class field trip for a day at Cahill School in Edina, MN. There is also a free emergent reader printable PDF near the end of the post.


What is poverty in America? Letter-size teaching posters for class discussion about poverty to use in the fall when setting up a kind classroom. Includes cut-and-paste worksheets for wants and needs.


The holidays are a great time to discuss the difference between wants and needs. Here is a printable with cards for children to sort as they think through the difference.

Aloha for Carol Ann Free Book Companion
Aloha for Carol Ann
The Case of the Missing Museum Archives by Brezenoff Free Student PDF
Missing Museum Archives
The Case of the Portrait Vandal Freebie Supplement
Case of the Portrait Vandal
Victoria Torres Face the Music Work Pages
Face the Music V Torres
I Know How to Bonjour Book Review and Free PDF
I Know How to Bonjour
Color and Write PDF for Classes with New ESL Students
I’m New Here
Book Companion for Katie Woo and Friends Free PDF
Katie Woo and Friends
Mystery at the Christmas Market by Diller Free Vocabulary PDF
Mystery Christmas Market
Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Review and Free German Words PDF
Mystery Ballerina Ghost
Mystery of the Secret Room by Janelle Diller Review
Mystery Secret Room
Spanish Word 3-Part Cards Free PDF
Sofia Martinez Family
S.M.A.R.T.S. and the 3-D Danger Freebie
S.M.A.R.T.S. 3-D Danger
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Back to School
Reading Comprehension and Word Solving Strategies
Reading Comprehension
Grades 3 Through 6 Free Literature Guides
Grades 3-6 Literacy
Literacy Free
Literacy Free
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Math Free Page 1
Free Math Resources for Primary Grades
Math Free Page 2
Plants, Flowers, Butterflies, Bees, and Bugs Freebies
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