Changing Seasons Graphing Activities with Milk Caps Free PDF

reasons-for-the-seasons-book-by-Gail-GibbonsToday I have the four seasons of the year graphing activity printable.  A nice book to discuss with children regarding changing seasons is one by Gail Gibbons The Reasons for the Seasons. Gibbons reliably has the best nonfiction books with child friendly information about a number of topics, and is a great choice for such texts. She illustrates and writes with well-researched brief sentences. She explains the astronomical phenomena that create night, day, and the seasons of the year on our planet.

There are two entire year versions of my instant free download PDF: one with the word fall and one with the word autumn. Please select the version you feel is best.

Also, you will be able to select differentiation options and just print the pages that fit your class best. See also the Southern Hemisphere version at that link. Milk caps are not required. An alternate idea to save time is just to print the pages with the movable circles on card stock so children may interact with the scenes. 


First, the free 4 seasons printable for graphing the seasons with the word autumn (not fall).


Second, the same free 4 seasons graphing the seasons printable with the word fall (not autumn).


Now for some photos of the printable in use!


two-graphing-options for changing seasons free printable

Thank you for reading, Carolyn

Carolyn Wilhelm