Did you know there are fun experiments with Steve Spangler Science that are free and well explained on the site? There are and we recently tried a few.

First, we tried gobstoppers. My husband and I were in an ice cream and candy store and I couldn’t help exclaiming, “GOBSTOPPERS!” He had no clue why I was so excited. He didn’t know about this color changing candy and the experiment that can be done. This is the explanation on the Steve Spangler site which has a much better photo, also. The colors do not mix and also will change.

Fun Experiments with Steve Spangler Science

This is another photo where we used a flat bowl serving dish and more water just to see what would happen. We did poke at the candy a little as if to say hurry up, although it doesn’t take long. The colors change after the first colors appear, so keep observing.
science-experiment-with-color-changing-candy (1)

We also tried just keeping our hands off and watching, and being more patient paid off. It is best to avoid the tempting little pushes that really do not help the candy along at all.

gobstoppers-science-experiement (1)


Have you tried the experiment from that site that shows colors swirling if put in milk? Food coloring drops put in milk on a plate shows some amazing things, too. We used 2% milk which didn’t work extremely well. Then, not having 4% milk, we tried heavy whipping cream. The cream worked well. Here is a video of the color-changing milk experiment. The only other required ingredient is Dawn dishwashing detergent.

We loved this experiment. They would have done it over and over, but we just had time to try twice. Be sure to have enough time to try this again and again, as it is difficult to put away. We will try this again someday.


Of course, some things on the site are not free but they are worth every penny in my opinion. We used some solar beads that change color in the sun recently, although we tried these beads before. With the lid on and in shade, some color was still apparent as the UV rays still go through.

solar beads change color in the sun

They turn brighter still in the sun. Then, after awhile inside, they turn back to a shade of white. They can be used over and over. solar-beads-in-the-sun

See more experiments that we tried at this link. Science can be fun and entertaining as well.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn