Prove to children there are few multiplication facts to memorize after the five times are learned. Use a color-coded multiplication chart as a “puzzle” to demonstrate if the one times are known, the two times are known, the three times are known, the four times are known, and also the five times, there are few facts up through the ten times to memorize. And! For those few facts, there are rhymes as well as doubles. Download the free PDF chart and instructions in our free eMember area. Sign up here, and the login here. See the YouTube video, also.


Start with the one times. Easy peasy. Starting here will  help children feel confident.


Move on, placing the chart with the two times row and column highlighted. Count by 2s if children need to remember what they already know.


Now the three times. This is earlier in the fact memorization sequence so children will probably know these products.


If children are starting to feel frustrated, point out how much of the chart (for going up to the ten times) is full already. Say, “Look how much you already know!”


Then the five times, but we will not move ahead to six times next. Again, count by fives to remind children they should know this set of facts.


Now, skip ahead to the ten times. Yes! And count by tens, which children have been doing for years by this time. See the not yet highlighted box in the center?


This page shows the area of facts left to learn. It will look rather small on the multiplication chart up to ten. This should encourage children learning facts.


For children who are ready, show the page with the eleven times highlighted. Many children know the eleven times orally, although they may not have been introduced to them in chart format. Even more of the chart is filled in. Do not show this to children who are not ready to see this many facts at once. For either group, do not mention those pesky twelve times yet.


Another day, remind children of the small area of facts remaining to be learned. Reassure them this page focuses only on that area. Plus, there are rhymes and a few doubles in this area.


The free PDF download has the facts to focus on area also in black and white. Many schools will not allow color printing, we know.


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