This post has links to printables on the Wise Owl Factory site for nature and activities regarding plants, flowers, butterflies, bees, and bugs. Some are for literacy learning, some for science learning, and some are crafts and for active learning.

You might like these resources. Red buttons denote free instant downloads at the links as well as informational posts.

This post has an assortment of free printables and activities for children who like to be outside, grow plants, and observe nature. The Fibonacci posters are helpful for learning to sequence the numbers involved. The butterfly matching post has letters as well as just picture matching for differentiation. The flowers posts involve measurement, sequencing, and even eating one of the plants. Bugs! There are playdough mats and sorting cards, as well as worksheets to correspond to books from the library. Work pages include teacher answer keys.

The cranberry post has two printables: one has a research project and one has 3 part cards for classroom differentiation. The gardening printable has coloring and other activities, and answer keys for teachers and parents. The Earth Day printable is one of the most popular PDFs on this blog.

Often books are recommended to accompany materials, or the materials are based on readers for young learners. Some are book companions, like the 40 page First Grade Ladybugs book printable.

Does your class study leaf shapes? The botany printable is excellent for learning about that topic, and often it is a new idea for children. They can impress their parents with the vocabulary they will learn with the printable. Maybe your class is near a garden such as the Noerenberg Gardens that we have in Minnesota, to inspire an interest in plants and leaves.

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