Frog Theme Sample Pack with Bump games, a writing frame pages, and a one-page science news article page is available here. The frog pages could also be used with any pond unit. Our premium eMember area has another frog packet for a full day of learning. It could be used with a sub or as a frog learning day at school.

Download your printable at the link:


Do you know how to have your class play bump games? The directions are included for the sample games in this pack.

How to play bump learning games for math and reading

There is a color printing option for the math and “fr” reading games.

color print version of "fr" reading bump gameThere is a black and white version of a math bump game, as well.

black and white bump game printing option

A writing page is included.

writing prompt what if our class was full of frogs

And there is a science new article page, as well.

frog science news articles

frog-fun-day-sample-pack-pagesYou might also like the paperback or eBook version of The Frogs Buy a New House: An Economics Story for Children. It is available on Amazon.


You might also like the free printable for Froggy Goes to Hawaii.

There is also a printable PDF free instant download for Froggy Builds a Treehouse.

Frog and Toad All Year is always fun! Read the blog post here and find the free printable, too.

Do you know the difference between a frog and a toad? This link is to a blog post with a free PowerPoint on the topic.

Teacher’s Clipart has again kindly made the art for this printable.


You might also like the A to Z theme substitute day plans.

Alphabetical Order Substitute or Class Theme Day All Subjects

More Great Froggy Fun

Castle View Academy has a wonderful post for World Frog Day on March 20th (did you know) to check out, too.


Crystal also has a video of making the origami frogs that really hop, as well.

I am a part of Kid Blogger Network and am sharing some fun frog posts by other bloggers for more ideas and activities your children, grandchildren, and/or students might enjoy, as well.

The first activity is for a small world play about the life cycle of the frog, from Nurture Store. More information about how to make and use this learning experience is available at the blog post.

Danya Banya has these darling finger puppets for the song, “Five Little Speckled Frogs.” easy-five-little-speckled-frog-finger-puppets

For kid friendly scientific information about the life cycle of frogs, Welcome to Castle View Academyhas four posts.  The first post is about stage one– the eggs –at this link.


The second stage is when the tadpoles emerge, and the blog post has more photos.


Stage three is the froglet stage, when the frogs still have tails.


And finally we have the actual frog, stage four of the metamorphosis.


This blog post from Peakle Pie has the paper version of frogs, and these not only help teach fractions but they actually jump, as well.  Fun and learning!  There are step by step instructions at the post, with many photos to help understand the project.

fractions-fun-with-origami-frogsEats Amazing has the most adorable frog themed meal, at this Eats Amazing link.


The children at Little Illuminations hopped along to a Deborah Stewart frog song. Leapfrog would be another idea, of course.

frog-song-funAlso at Little Illuminations, they made some frog puppets, and worked on several other activities.  The frogs just took some folding and construction paper. Easy and fun!


Thanks for reading, and happy hopping! Carolyn