Recently we made solar bead necklaces which were a fun science mystery to discover and discuss. When indoors, the beads are white.  When outside in the sun they turn colors by UV light from the sun. I bought mine from the Steve Spangler Science site. They are pricey so we used 15 per child. I told the children I had wanted to buy colored beads but I had not been able to find any that day.  So they strung the beads and I didn’t reveal the surprise before we went outside.  Of course, the beads started turning colors.  Children love to inform the teacher or mom of such surprises!

Solar Bead Necklace Fun

Solar bead necklace DIY project easy for children to make! The cord necklaces are called stretch magic silkies and come in a package with assorted colors from Michael’s.  I am not an affiliate.  They were a great find as even the 3-year-olds could clasp and unclasp these and easily string the beads. I should have bought more packs as I think they may a little difficult to locate. Also, more than one girl wanted pink, you know.

So the supplies were just the beads and the empty necklaces.  That was all we used.

solar-bead-necklace-supplies (1)

Start by counting out the correct number of beads and providing each child with a snap-able plastic necklace.These are wonderful for would be jewelry maker children because they are so very easy to use.


The necklaces were finished rather soon.


What a Surprise!

When we went outside for another activity, we “accidentally” noticed the wonderful colors that began to appear! Back indoors, the colors do fade to white.  As far as I know this works over and over so the children can surprise other people they know.  Accidentally, of course.


We hope you might try this project, too.  For the science information, scroll down on this Steve Spangler page to the “What does this teach?” section and share the information with your necklace makers.

solar-bead-necklaces-DIY easy how to information

Thank you for reading, Carolyn