The First Four Years Laura Ingalls Wilder

The First Four Years

By Laura Ingalls Wilder, illustrated by Garth Williams

The First Four Years is the story of the first four years of Laura’s marriage to Almanzo Wilder.  It was published in 1971, posthumously, although probably written in the late 1940’s.  The story begins where These Happy Golden Years ends, and the events occur before those in On the Way Home. This is a guided reading level R book.

Often parents have asked me for suggestions for summer reading clubs, so I am posting a discussion guide for this book for parent book group leaders.  In the summertime, children like to form clubs, and a club with some temporary purpose is a good idea.  Families may travel or be busy with summer sports and activities, and for the times in-between, neighborhood book clubs can be fun.

The First Four Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Free Q and A

Download the entire free discussion guide, or separate book sections:

Q and A for THE FIRST FOUR YEARS, entire book PDF

Q and A for THE FIRST FOUR YEARS the first year PDF

Q and A for THE FIRST FOUR YEARS the second year PDF

Q and A for THE FIRST FOUR YEARS the third year PDF

Q and A for THE FIRST FOUR YEARS year four a year of grace PDF

Laura, Almanzo, (and a little later, Rose) are a young pioneer family.  They must face the hardships and triumphs during four difficult years of farming.  The Little House books have been treasured by readers for their historical information and heartwarming stories.


The First Year updated discussion guide is in the premium Amember area.


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