The multiplication facts can be daunting to memorize. Students may be confused by the sheer number of them and also worry about finally having them all learned. The nine times have a math trick, as we all know, which can be stated in a single sentence. Up to 9 times 9, one less than the multiplier added to make nine is the answer. Children are able to list out the facts when shown this method. However, further practice is needed by many children to gain automaticity. Repetition is the key to learning! Below are the steps in the free 17 page PDF download in our free eMember area.


The free instant download will allow a child to set up a magic trick to demonstrate his or her new knowledge or teach a younger child how the nine times multiplication facts work. A class demonstration might be nice, as well.


First, the nines addition facts need to be reviewed. It may be necessary to practice these again, as they are a building block for the nine times facts.


A side by side list of nine times addition and multiplication facts should be studied. Students may have noticings or observations about the two sets of facts.


Teachers should then highlight the selected columns. Now do the students see something interesting?


This page shows the tens digit for the nine times multiplier is one less than the multiplicand. The number in the tens and once places add up to nine every time!


On this page, students write one less than the multiplicand. Some students may not need all the pages included in the download.


Then students write the numbers that make the complements of nine (in addition) starting at the bottom.


This page shows the trick! Those are the answers to the nine times. The student page prior to this one will allow many children to see the math trick.


This page also explains the math trick. Getting long? Some children do need time and attention learning facts. For differentiation, only select pages needed.


This is a good time to review multiplication terms as they are used in this activity.


On this page, cut the bunnies apart. Cut the fact cards apart and save for later. Place one bunny each with numbers 1-8 in a hat. Get your magic want ready! Take out one bunny at a time and place on the next page, with one number less than the multiplicand.


Pull bunnies 1-8 out of the hat one at a time. Place numbers one less than the multiplicand. Then place the other bunnies 1-8 in the hat. Pull out and place next to the first bunnies so each pair totals nine.


Is this what your chart looked like? Good for you!


Three hats are not required but the pictures illustrate the hats in steps. We used a black food container for our hat.


The PDF has all the steps and materials (aside from the magic hat and wand) to perform.


Step one, bunnies and page.


Step one, more bunnies and same page.


Step three, bunnies are on the page. Now for the fact cards.


Final result after all bunnies and fact cards are placed on the work mat.


We hope you enjoy this and the other free downloads in the free eMember area and our free instant math downloads.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn and Miss Owl


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