Cut and Paste Numbers 1-10 Free Counting PDFThis post has a short review of One! Two! Three! by Anushka Ravishankar, Sirish Rao, and Durga Bai, It also has a free cut and paste number pages 1-10 printable.

2 free printables, please scroll down for both

This seemingly simple book has many lessons tucked in the pages.  On first glance, it appears to be just a book that helps children learn to count to 10.  However, the reader then realizes that each number word has an adjective.  So the book could be used on different levels, for counting and learning adjectives.  Upon close observation which the children will naturally do, it becomes evident that an art lesson is also being shared in the illustrations.  That is why an art teacher recommended this math story to me.

All of the animals in the book climb into the tree which, being impossible, will delight the children.  One dizzy ant seems logical, but ten hefty elephants join the animals in the tree near the end.  Then the story asks, “Is there room for more?”  The last page shows some birds on the ground and answers, “Let’s hope so!”

Cut and Paste Numbers 1-10

My free PDF for One, Two, Tree! includes ten cut and paste pages for emergent math students, an adjectives page for independent writers, and animal outline pages for child artists to practice drawing lines to give the appearance of fur or texture on the animals.

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Click on these words for the free numbers 1-10 cut and paste printable for children to put animals in the tree to practice counting, or click on the photo below.

This printable has counting, coloring, and adjectives pages

Cut and Paste Numbers 1-10 Free Counting PDF

Adjective Nature Walk

This free PDF is just the adjectives nature walk page and key:

Free adjective nature walk describing word collecting activity

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