This post is about a 40 minute reading strategies professional development video in our premium Amember area by Wise Owl Factory. It has student PDFs and 2 renewal (CEU) units if approved by your school district.

Reading Strategies Professional Development Video

New! Reading strategies professional development video with student documents. This PD video will allow teachers to learn and immediately be able to use the information the next day in the classroom. The supporting documents are student little-preparation PDFs. Mostly they just require printing one copy for teaching posters, and multiple copies for student materials. This link will open the supporting document preview file which has a freebie included. In the preview, the over 260 pages of letter-sized teaching posters as well as student bookmarks, pages, and games are shown.

Reading Strategies Professional Development VideoPreviously I have posted other reading strategies products on TpT, and to avoid confusion I will list and describe the products.

Reading Strategies PDF Printables

The supporting document of PDFs only (no video, no renewal units) is available at this link. The professional component is not included with the PDF only version product.

Here is a super fast preview of the video!


The Complete Package

Another product also has these documents, with SMART Board presentations. This is one of my most popular products.
Reading Strategies Lessons and Printables for the SMART Board +ISN’s (no video, no renewal units)


Contents of both products

1. K-2 Text to Self Mini lessons 53 page PDF
2. Asking Questions 104 page PDF
3. Back-up and Re-read 38 page PDF
4. Determining Importance 38 page PDF
5. Non-fiction conventions 51 page PDF
6. Synthesizing 40 page PDF
7. Two printable generic student work posters 18 inches X 24 inches
8. All 3 text connections: text-to-self (review), text-to-text, and text-to-world, 79 page PDF

There are also separate products for text connections, asking questions, back up and re-read, determining importance, and synthesizing as indicated by links above. The non-fiction conventions PDF is included in the determining importance product. Books to use are suggested by many pages are generic for use with any stories. The next very short video shows some of the supporting documents teachers can use immediately!

I was a teacher of gifted education for four years, and many of our units were teaching about and using higher-level thinking skills. A few years later, I began to notice many of the HOTS were being included in the basal reading teacher guide, as well as other subject areas Also, my school selected reading strategies for about 4 years of professional development sessions so I learned even more about higher-level thinking skills. I have studied them extensively and want to share this knowledge with others.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn


The popular download Reading Strategies Pack One. See this blog post for more information and photos. This can be downloaded in our free eMember area.


Reading Strategies Pack two is a companion for the free reading strategies pack one, above. This link will open a free demonstration PDF to provide more information and a list of the CCSS addressed. This PDF is included in our premium Amember area.


ABC’s of Reading Comprehension for Pre-K – Grade One — A free developing reading comprehension skills eBook for parents and teachers of young children.  It is an instant download at the blog post.

Asking Questions Lesson and a Free Sample

Asking questions is one of several reading comprehension strategies practice in primary grades. This post has a freebie.


Interactive student notebook (ISN) activity page, free instant download PDF opens here reading-strategies-ISN-for-students.


Do you need rubrics? They are wonderful for being observed by the principal or peer coach to help answer the question, “How will you evaluate this lesson?”

Reading Strategies Professional Development Video

The post is about a 40-minute reading strategies professional development video in our premium Amember area by Wise Owl Factory. It has student PDFs and 2 renewal (CEU) units if approved by your school district. More information here.


Free synthesizing as a reading strategy video for professional development for teachers on the blog post.  Free student PDF. The video is about four minutes long and has information for teaching students about the synthesizing reading strategy.


Free non-fiction text conventions “workbook” for some writing, drawing, and cut and paste activities on these text features. Download in the free eMember area.


Free printable bookmark of some basic word solving strategies. Very helpful!

Prepare for Learning to Read in Kindergarten

Learning to read in Kindergarten and first grade begins with background preparation that parents can do at home, in the car, and even without using books all the time.

Free Grade 2 Word Wall Printable

The post shares our free grade-two word wall printable.  This PDF opens in our free eMember area.  It is intended to accompany writing workshop or class writing time.


Text to Text Connections with Knuffle Bunny and Going on a Bear Huntfree at the blog post.


Inferring discussion guide for A Photographic Fantasy: Stranger in the Woods, by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick, download at the blog post 


Text to Text Connections with Knuffle Bunny and Going on a Bear Huntfree at the blog post.

Charlie Anderson Free Book Companion PDF

Free PDF work page and answer key is a free instant download at the blog post.


All the books Wise Owl Factory has made free PDF book companions, novel units, and literature companions. Most will download at the link to the blog post about the book, some will open at this link.

Word-solving Strategies for Clifford for President

Word-solving strategies can be fun with books like Clifford for President by Mark Mcveigh. Books that children find interesting enough to try to decode the words and understand the story are motivating enough for sneaking in some teaching.