Primary Reading and Writing Rubrics FreebieRebrics! Do you need rubrics? They are wonderful for being observed by the principal or peer coach to help answer the question, “How will you evaluate this lesson?” Wait a minute, evaluate in a 45-minute lesson? Yes, with a quick rubric. Later, the teacher fills out his or her version of the assessment to discuss both the student and teacher versions in a reading or writing workshop conference.

This post has a link to a primary reading and writing rubrics freebie.

FREE on TpT: Primary open-ended reading and writing workshop generic pages rubrics and a story map page for drawing or written responses. It is also an Easel activity on TpT.

This PDF has 10 pages on TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers).

Student and teacher rubrics, story mapping, drawing, and writing pages are included. There is one story map for planning fiction, and another for nonfiction writing pieces.

The version on TpT has the prepared versions of the rubrics for teachers who prefer to have them already filled out. 1-free-generic-reading-writing-workshop-rubrics_Page_07

Next is a sample of a story map page in the TpT version.


This product is one in a group of reading strategy printables and Notebook Files for SMART Board lessons at this link.

Free Editable Generic Primary

The version in our free eMembers area has blue boxes on the PDF in which teachers can write their own criteria or standards. If nothing is typed in the blue boxes, nothing will print. Perhaps there are cases where differentiation is useful, and so different versions of the rubrics might be prepared for a single topic or lesson. It is free to sign up by selecting the free radio button on the page, thus making the payment options disappear. There is a student page as well as a teacher page for each design.


The editable version is in our free eMember area.


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Editable primary newsletters for teachers intended for primary grades with general themes, so they may be used much of the school year.


Five free newsletters with themes such as frogs (What’s hopping?), fall, western round-up theme, and two general education themes.


Birthday awards — I have had birthday children on the first day of school more than one year!


Desk pets are actually a behavior plan and may be tailored to different rules and ways to earn points. Teachers and parents may adjust the rules and ways to earn points.


The editable version of reading and writing rubrics may be found in our free eMember area.


The Primary Reading and Writing Rubrics freebie is in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and is also an Easel Activity.


The Montessori classroom editable labels free for your homeschool or classroom to help organize the teaching spaces.


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