Montessori classroom editable labels free for your homeschool or classroom to help organize the teaching spaces. Also, labels encourage literacy as the children begin noticing the initial letter, maybe the first and last letter, and finally are able to associate the word and object or resource. Montessori has been my “hobby” and I have taken online classes such as KHT Montessori’s 12-month certificate program and read many books on the subject. Yet, I admit I don’t know everything I would like to know on this subject. So my list is perhaps homemade — therefore, I have made it editable for parents and teachers to add vocabulary that fits their own teaching situations.

First, please note: the label pages may be printed as it and nothing will print in the blue spaces if no text is entered. The spaces will print white or whatever color paper is being used in the printer. Editing is not required. This is a picture of a page in the PDF and you can see blue rectangles. The PDF is set up so words may be entered as an option for teachers.


Click on the link below to download your free instant PDF


There are pages for most letters A to Z, and two additional blank pages to add words if desired. By saving the PDF, the copy that has added words will be saved, and it can be edited again if wanted. One “clean” copy may be saved with a different name to always have a new copy for adding vocabulary.


There are 31 pages in all.


You might also like the around the house 3-part cards as they also could be used to help organize a Montessori teaching space if wanted. The cards are intended to help children practice initial sounds in words, but could be used in other ways, also.


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