This free PDF from the Wise Owl Factory is a few free editable class newsletters for teacher use.

Free editable newsletters might be a welcome addition to teacher resources. So to use these, just make several copies of the PDF and save with different names such as fall, frog, general education, and so on. When typing in the blue squares, the news may be personalized for your own classroom. If nothing is typed in a blue space, the area will print the color of your paper which is probably white. A blue shape will not print if unused. Please see the “you might also like” free editable teacher resources at the bottom of this post as you really might like them!

Free Editable Newsletters for Teachers Five Templates Free PDF

Free Editable Newsletters

Hoping to save teachers time and allow them to work ahead in the school year, these newsletters might be partially filled-in ahead of time with known class events, spelling test dates, library days, field trips, and classroom parties. Volunteers for the classroom might be listed, as well. Then, unit topics or changes in the schedule might be posted as new information becomes available. Saving the newsletters with different months and dates might be one way to organize for the school year. They may be saved from year to year, also, to help be prepared for new school years.

There are two general education newsletters, such as the following news from school.

Free Editable Newsletters news-from-school-for-K-2-teachers-editable-PDF-free

There is a classroom news round-up version.

Free Editable Newsletters class-news-round-up-editable-newsletter-for-teachers

There is also a fall themed newsletter version.


There is a “What’s hopping?” from theme version, as well.


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Editable primary newsletters for teachers intended for primary grades with general themes, so they may be used much of the school year.


Five free newsletters with themes such as frogs (What’s hopping?), fall, western round-up theme, and two general education themes.


Birthday awards — I have had birthday children on the first day of school more than one year!


Desk pets are actually a behavior plan and may be tailored to different rules and ways to earn points. Teachers and parents may adjust the rules and ways to earn points.


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The Montessori classroom editable labels free for your homeschool or classroom to help organize the teaching spaces.


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