Owl at Home has long been a favorite of the K-2 crowd at school. Written by Arnold Lobel in 1975, it is also one of my favorite read-alouds as a teacher. Now, adults may find the story humorous in parts, but children probably won’t laugh as they do take stories seriously. Lobel is one of my all-time favorite authors.

The free instant download PDF is at the next link. Download your copy by clicking on the link.


Lexile-Certification-Carolyn-WilhelmI took a Lexile Level class and worked on this book as part of an assignment, so this is a full lesson. The Lexile and Quantile Educator Academy suggested posting the entire lesson on our blogs. Meta Metrics, maybe you have heard of them as many states offer free memberships for educators. Otherwise, the site may be used to find Lexile Levels of books without a membership. Find a Book is easy to use and provides accurate information for preschool through grade 12. Parents may keep on top of their child’s independent reading choices while teachers may use the information to create book lists. Subject and interest areas are included as they are important for motivation to read.

I Can Statements and Essential Questions

First, there is an information page for those interested in I Can Statements and Essential Questions. Some teachers are required to post these in the classroom.

circle the answer comprehension page

For the purpose of differentiation, there is a circle the answer comprehension work page. Teachers could read this aloud to more emergent readers, while more advanced readers could work indepenently.

vocabulary matching cards for Owl at Home

The reading center or small group session could offer a matching vocabulary cards game. These are the word cards.

Vocabulary meaning cards to match with words

To match with the vocabulary words, meaning cards are also included. This game might be played like memory after introduction.

coloring page for Owl at Home

A coloring page is included for differentiation or fast finishers. The page could be placed in the art center. Crayons would be best used on copy paper. An extra piece of paper could be placed under the page to help prevent crayon marks on the table when coloring up to the edge.


The vocabulary words may be written for practice on this work page. Teachers may decide whether or not to direct students to color the images.

cut and paste what is next for Owl at Home

Fine motor skills need practice in lower grades, so this page has a cut and paste activity. What happens next?

the two sounds of /ow/

The two sounds of /ow/ are practiced on this page. Does the word sound like the /ow/ in owl or in snow?

I hope some people will find this information helpful in their classrooms, whether at school or homeschool.

Thank you for reading, Carolyn


The popular download Reading Strategies Pack One. See this blog post for more information and photos. This can be downloaded in our free eMember area.


Reading Strategies Pack two is a companion for the free reading strategies pack one, above. This link will open a free demonstration PDF to provide more information and a list of the CCSS addressed. This PDF is included in our premium Amember area.


ABC’s of Reading Comprehension for Pre-K – Grade One — A free developing reading comprehension skills eBook for parents and teachers of young children.  It is an instant download at the blog post.

Asking Questions Lesson and a Free Sample

Asking questions is one of several reading comprehension strategies practice in primary grades. This post has a freebie.


Interactive student notebook (ISN) activity page, free instant download PDF opens here reading-strategies-ISN-for-students.


Do you need rubrics? They are wonderful for being observed by the principal or peer coach to help answer the question, “How will you evaluate this lesson?”

Reading Strategies Professional Development Video

The post is about a 40-minute reading strategies professional development video in our premium Amember area by Wise Owl Factory. It has student PDFs and 2 renewal (CEU) units if approved by your school district. More information here.


Free synthesizing as a reading strategy video for professional development for teachers on the blog post.  Free student PDF. The video is about four minutes long and has information for teaching students about the synthesizing reading strategy.


Free non-fiction text conventions “workbook” for some writing, drawing, and cut and paste activities on these text features. Download in the free eMember area.


Free printable bookmark of some basic word solving strategies. Very helpful!

Prepare for Learning to Read in Kindergarten

Learning to read in Kindergarten and first grade begins with background preparation that parents can do at home, in the car, and even without using books all the time.

Free Grade 2 Word Wall Printable

The post shares our free grade-two word wall printable.  This PDF opens in our free eMember area.  It is intended to accompany writing workshop or class writing time.


Text to Text Connections with Knuffle Bunny and Going on a Bear Huntfree at the blog post.


Inferring discussion guide for A Photographic Fantasy: Stranger in the Woods, by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick, download at the blog post 


Text to Text Connections with Knuffle Bunny and Going on a Bear Huntfree at the blog post.

Charlie Anderson Free Book Companion PDF

Free PDF work page and answer key is a free instant download at the blog post.


All the books Wise Owl Factory has made free PDF book companions, novel units, and literature companions. Most will download at the link to the blog post about the book, some will open at this link.

Word-solving Strategies for Clifford for President

Word-solving strategies can be fun with books like Clifford for President by Mark Mcveigh. Books that children find interesting enough to try to decode the words and understand the story are motivating enough for sneaking in some teaching.