DIY, Cooking, and Craft Informational Blog Posts

Bookshelves are always helpful at home and school, especially child-friendly ones. This is how we made ours.


Do you make strawberry or other jam? This post has some free editable labels for you.


Have you tried making gummy candy?


I like to quilt and this is a post about a few of my projects.


We tried two kinds of clay to make baby hand and footprints. Here is the post with results and some photos.


I spend a few days sewing little peg doll clothes before the girls came over to select and assemble the outfits together. This is how it turned out — well! There is a free pattern at the post for you.


We tumble rocks at our house. At this link, there are several freebies like a PDF and PowerPoint about rock tumbling. Free.


Here is our royal pumpkin craft with glow in the plastic stars to light up at night. Did you know teal is the pumpkin color to use on your doorstep if you offer allergy-friendly Halloween treats? This one is light blue, but next time teal would be better for our family.

Royal Pumpkin Craft with Glow in the Dark Stars

Coloring salt with colored chalk is a great activity for children who feel very productive while creating a bin for each color. Then they spoon the colors in a jar up to the tippy top and add a lid so the colors won’t move. Find out how at our step by step post.


This is one of the Christmas craft posts and has an easy paper craft candy cane activity children enjoy due to the fact they experience success. The wooden ornaments are especially nice for the really young children for the same reason.


Creative children like to learn to make their own paper craft toys (rather STEM-like). This post has a book review along with a few samples of what we made. There is a free printable to help get started, as well.


When you are cleaning and kids are complaining, you can remind everyone the dust in the house is from the stars in the sky. This post has a book review and also a free PowerPoint on the subject. It cheers me up (a little) when cleaning.

Have you eaten garlic scrapes in a restaurant? Try growing your own at home, even indoors, in a few short weeks!


Decorating plastic globes for the new year is fun at Christmas.


Perhaps let the children work with real tools (smaller ones, though) with a DYI Montessori board.


We made rainbows with ribbon, pony beads, and a few items — and explain how at this post.


And a recipe from the Reunion Island