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Rainbow crafts, anyone? This post is part of an amazing Rainbow Blog Hop dedicated to supporting World Prematurity Day and UK based charity Bliss – who provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families. Participating blogs include the host blog at Craft Ideas for kids, and the following:

Crystals Tiny TreasuresWorld Prematurity Day, and Craft Ideas for Kids – Rainbow Colour Mixing, and Adventures of Adam – Rainbow Shaving Foam Bath Painting, and P is for PreschoolerFine Motor Rainbow, and True Aim – Rainbow Activities for Kids.

Morgan’s Miracles has an amazing premature birth story at this link, as well.

With the spirit of hope and support for premature babies, each blog in this blog hop will have a craft project.  This is the one from Wise Owl Factory. See also this rainbow craft PDF which opens right here, or click on the photo below.

world-prematurity-day-blog-hop-rainbows-and-starsBegin with these supplies:  several colors of plastic lanyard cord, a 6 inch mesh circle, and star beads. Plastic lanyard cord stays stiff (acting like a needle) so it is easier for younger children to use, but ribbon, string, or other materials may be used.


Cut the 6 inch plastic mesh circle into a half rainbow shape.  Two rainbows may be made with the one circle.  I cut off 11 rows of mesh as I had six colors, and skipped rows as I did the weaving.  It is also easier for younger children to skip rows, but every row may be used. Also, if more rows are used, the mesh is stronger and easier to work with.


I started with the color closest to red, as children may know the correct order of the rainbow colors.  We call that “Roy G. Biv” at school, as the order of the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  My colors only included some of the rainbow colors. Just use what is available and on hand. I cut about 20 inches for each piece of lanyard cord, so there were strings hanging off on which to tie the star beads.


I added the second row after skipping a row of mesh.add-color-two-around-next-row

The third row was added after skipping a row, again. add-row-3-inside-next-row

Here is the rainbow with four woven rows.add-color-four-next-row

Five colors of weaving looks like this:add-color-5-inside-bottom-row

The sixth row, or the row your projects end on, could have stars added.  When I pulled the lanyard cord through the mesh hole, I slipped on a star bead, and then pulled the cord through the same way as I did for weaving the other rows. all-six-colors-rainbow-lanyard-cord-and-beads

The finished project.  Add a string at the top middle to hang up for display. final-hanging-art-project-craft-rainbows-and-stars

Be sure to visit the other blogs in this event as they also have rainbow and star crafts they are sharing. Thanks!

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Morgan’s Miracles has a premature birth story at this link.


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Thank you for reading,Carolyn Wilhelm

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