Free Printable Paper Toys

This post has a free printable for making paper toys.  I read Magic Books and Paper Toys which is by Esther K. Smith, and made my own printable.

Magic Books and Paper Toys by Esther K. Smith book cover photoEsther K. Smith has several books and a web site full of paper projects including pop up cards and making your own books.  MAGIC BOOKS AND PAPER TOYS is so wonderful and is two books in one.  First, it is meant to be read as a usual book.  Then it has to be flipped over and read from the other direction!  It has dozens of paper project ideas, pop up book suggestions and illustrations, and craft ideas such as animation.  I found this book irresistible and I want to make all the projects.  My art teacher daughter-in-law lent me a copy of the book.  Any art teacher would like a copy, I’m sure.  I tried a few of the animation ideas and made a free 10 page PDF printable for children to try, too.  My photos follow.  This book is just so good for parents who need some fun ideas, teachers, and teens who could follow the directions themselves.

This photo shows some examples of how children might create their own do-it-yourself (DIY) paper toy craft projects.

Free Printable Paper Toys

Here is a photo showing the printable used to make some of the same ideas.


Paper toys are fun projects for children, and the word “toy” is engaging. These are actually STEAM ideas (STEM with art included) as the children have to figure out how things work. The book has so many additional and good ideas for children to try.

Happy projects, and thank you for reading, Carolyn